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  • Plugin Author diego2k


    Can you send me the URL where you are installing the plugin?

    Have it on two sites both giving same result. Have tried with 2010 and 2011 nothing Made this one live for now see first product unavailable thanks

    Plugin Author diego2k


    I see there is no ADD TO CART button

    Catablog only show ADD TO CART BUTTON when item got price assigned to the producto. This is a limitation of catablog, if you whish to handly add the button you can try to copy the “SHOP” HTML code into the SINGLE template.

    There is no add to cart button because I have switched ON attributes once I do that it says unavailable. If I switch OFF attributes the shopping cart button will appear the same as the other products that currently show an add to cart button.

    Catablog need to sort this out have tried it on two sites both showing the same result will do it on another product and you will see what I mean

    Have now changed the product from the first one and assigned attribute to the third one as you can see that product has now become unavailable

    Plugin Author diego2k


    Ok if you prefer i can take a look to the admin area to see how you’re implementing the plugin sendme an email to diego2k [at] gmail [dot] com and we can try to figure out what’s goin on

    Hi Diego,

    Thanks for coming back to me. Have fixed the problem totally my fault for not reading instructions properly 🙂

    Plugin Author diego2k


    Happy to hear that, new features request are welcome! 😀

    I’ve created a page with [catablogcart] shortcode on it. I’ve modified the Store Template per your sample (didn’t know if I needed to change what you had posted). I added 1 to each of the price fields.

    Clicking Add To Cart makes the screen blink but no redirect to the page I created.

    Site is at

    Thanks for any pointers/ideas

    Plugin Author diego2k


    Hi, and thanks for giving a try to my plugin.

    Did you go to options -> catablog order setting to assign the catablog ordering page?

    Also you can customize other options.




    i also don’t get it to redirect to my cart page.

    can you confirm it should be working with the current wordpress version?

    i have set ‘catablogcart’ as the cart page id in the catablog cart options and i have created a page called ‘catablogcart’ but when i click ‘add to cart’ nothing happens… and the /catablogcart/ page stays empty…




    Yes it works fine with the current version 🙂 Have you got a link i can look at



    I have the exact same problem as moertz.

    I get the Add to Cart button to show, but when I click it and I check the Cart page it says “Cart is empty1”.

    I’ve followed the instructions to the point and re-done them twice, same result.

    Wordpress 3.4.2
    Catablog 1.6.3
    Catablog Ordering 0.1

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 35 total)
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