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  • Hi meintje87, thank you for your question. In reality this has nothing to do with CataBlog. It has more to do with the way your theme is set up.

    Have a look at this entry;

    .singular .entry-header, .singular .entry-content, .singular footer.entry-meta, .singular #comments-title {
        margin-bottom: 0;
        margin-left: auto;
        margin-right: auto;
        margin-top: 0;
        width: 68.9%;

    You will notice the width is set to 68.9%, if you change this to a higher percentage value your problem will be solved. However please bare in mind that it might also change some other structure on that page if you add a sidebar or sidebars.

    If you need any more assistant please let me know.

    Kind regards

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your reply. I found out myself that by using the showcase template with my Twenty Eleven theme resolved my problem as well.

    BUT I have another question. If you look at pagelink at the bottom of this message, you will see that “Vaas Jolie” doesn’t start on the left side of that column. I am not able to figure out why it is doing this. Removing the page, gallery and remake these two doesn’t help. Hopefully one of you guys comes with some good advice 😉

    Hi meintje87, I see what you mean.

    What is happening is, because of the amount of text on “Vaas Diana”; it pushes all the other titles items out of sink. If you increase the following value, see code below.

    .catablog-row {
        height: auto !important;
        min-height: 190px; -----> this is what you increase

    The above code will fix your problem. I would add the above code to your function.php file. And I am sure that you are using a child theme?

    Kind regards

    mbrsolution, thanks for your reply and usefull info. However, I’m having a hard time copying your code into a functions.php file I created and placed in my Child Theme directory.

    Google tells me I should not edit the original functions.php file, so I created a new one in my Child Theme directory. If I put your code in it I get an error message when trying to load my website. It says:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘.’ in /home/meintema/domains/ Childtheme/functions.php on line 6

    If you could help me out, thanks in advance 😉

    Hello have a look at this child theme…..

    What you can do is delete your child theme if it is different from the link above and install the child theme. Copy and past my code into the child theme.

    I am sure that it will work.

    Kind regards

    Hi, thanks for your reply.

    I don´t want to install another Child Theme. I understood from your second reply that I should paste your code into a functions.php file. If I do this, my website won´t load. If I look at your code it looks to me it is just something I should paste into my style.css.

    HOWEVER, your explanation about the amount of text from Vaas Diana´ causing the out of sync items doesn´t make sence. Because on another webpage, linked under this text, you will see thatPot Ben` does not have this issue.

    Hi, sorry for my reply. I see what you mean. Can you tell me what shortcode are you using on either page? Also can you tell me what categories you have and the Item ID number.

    Kind regards

    Shortcodes on pages:

    [catablog category=”bloempotten” catablog template=”default”] on page “bloempotten”.
    [catablog category=”vasen” catablog template=”default”] on page “vasen”.

    Categories I have:
    – Bloempotten
    – Vasen
    – Schalen
    – Uncategorized (though I have no pictures in this category)

    By item ID you mean the gallery id?
    Bloempotten: [catablog_gallery id=”158″]
    Vasen: [catablog_gallery id=”232″]
    Schalen: [catablog_gallery id=”222″]

    Hope this is complete. Otherwise just ask. And thank you for the effort you put in just to try to help me! 😉

    Every item “image” you add has an ID number.

    I’m not sure I understand what you mean. Where can I find this ID number?
    And which one do you need?

    Sorry my mistake it is not an ID number but an order number for each product you add. What I am trying to workout is whether you have duplicates order numbers on the images or whether two images share the same category.

    Also have you tried to use the shortcode in the following manner? For example:

    [catablog_gallery id=”158″] + category + add a limit and create 2 or three columns?


    I checked and I have no duplicate ordernumbers or images shareing the same category. I tried the [catablog_gallery id=”158″] code but this makes no difference.

    I added a piece of code to my style.css for creating a 2 or 3 columns kinda thing, that’s how I got to images next to eachother in the first place.

    I believe it’s kinda strange anyway, because it works perfectly on the other two categories. I’ll try deleting some images tomorrow, the ones around the “failure” and find out if this makes any difference.

    Again, thanks for thinking with me!

    Hello, it is very strange that it works on two of the categories and not on this one.

    It sounds like a good plan to delete the images that are causing this issue. Also make sure that the images are also deleted from your server. Then you might try to upload it again to CataBlog and see if this works.

    Kind regards

    Well, I found out it IS “Vaas Diana” that’s causing the problem. Probably it’s just like you said, to much text. I think it’s quite strange that this issue is not occurring on the other pages.

    The only solution that worked is just to put Vaas Diana at the end of the list, so there’s no product after it that’s dealing with the problem.

    Thanks for your input and effort. It’s much appreciated.

    Hi it is my pleasure to help you.

    I am happy to know that you worked out your problem. It might be one of those incidents that sometimes don’t make any sense. But the good news is that you found a solution.

    If this ticket is resolved would you close it please.

    Kind regards

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