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    I’m wondering if there are any posts that clarify or can I get some clarity here on the instructions at Theme Integration. Catablog is working fine for me, even the search with any theme except the one I need to use so I need to solve that problem. Exactly what needs to be in the files listed at the link ( single-catablog-items.php & taxonomy-catablog-terms.php )? I did see another post here saying copy and rename single.php to single-catablog-items.php but it can’t be that simple. I did try that but search still doesn’t work with my preferred theme. It’s really strange that all the other themes I have tried, even some premium ones, I have not had to add these files to and the search works fine. Here is the site in question in case someone wants to have a look, maybe tell me why search doesn’t find any of the catablog items. Just enter any of the items shown there in the gallery and you will see you get nada and you will just have to believe me that it works with other themes.

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  • I figured out my problem. The theme had a // exclude pages from search
    function SearchFilter($query)code inserted for some reason. Removed it and all is well.

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    Integrating CataBlog into your theme is pretty straightforward, as you know there are two theme files, these files are akin to other standard theme files. When you write WordPress themes you use specific files for the different contexts throughout your site.

    One standard view is the Single Post and another is the Category Listing. When the CataBlog Public feature is enabled, you get two new contexts, Single CataBlog Item and CataBlog Category Listing. These files are used to render permalinks that look something like These files can render anything you want, they comprise of HTML and PHP markup tags. I suggest using single.php and taxonomy.php as a starting point for your CataBlog theming.

    Single CataBlog Item File:
    template file: single-catablog-items.php
    similar contexts: single.php, page.php

    CataBlog Category Listing:
    template file: taxonomy-catablog-terms.php
    similar contexts: taxonomy.php, index.php, search.php, category.php

    Once you have the theme integration files in place you can use PHP tags to get CataBlog specific metadata, such as the thumbnail url, price, product code, etc. Soon, I will post here the code that will let you do this…until then have a good one.

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