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  • Hi max11,

    Thanks for your interest in CataBlog. I have never had the chance to use any non latin based languages with CataBlog. If you could send me a URL with examples or better a UTF-8 formatted example file with different phrases to test that would be very helpful.

    Also, CataBlog has seen many updates in the last 8 months, perhaps a newer version of CataBlog would work with Cyrillic? I added multibyte string support to the plugin and I know people around the world are using CataBlog, sometimes with non english sites.

    This is the first complaint I have received about a language not working.
    Thanks for looking out and the information,
    – Zach

    Same problems too:

    When I’m trying to add cyrillic category – plugin says, that it contains bad symbols:

    Also, when i’m adding currency name “руб” (rub), i’m getting an error too.

    And BTW, is there any way to create new catalog items without pictures?


    Hi wroomm,

    First off, there is no way to make a catalog item without an image, I can see the benefit to allowing imageless catalog items, but I am also trying to concentrate on other more important aspects of CataBlog when I get the chance.

    Now for the Cyrillic language issues.

    It is true that I have restricted the category names to roman alphanumeric characters with a few special symbols like hyphens, underscores and spaces. I did not see the short sided effect of locking out non roman alphabet based languages. My suggestion for immediate usage of CataBlog is to switch your keyboard settings while you setup your categories and give them labels that will be understandable, albeit in the wrong language.

    As for putting the currency in the price field, that is not the intended usage. The currency should be put in the paypal form code and possibly in the CataBlog template code, not in the actual price field. The price field will only take a decimal number.

    Thanks and I hope I have answered your questions.

    Also please don’t forget to rate and confirm CataBlog works with your version of WordPress at

    Hey guys, just so you know Cyrillic characters are now supported in category names as of CataBlog version 1.2.5. After you update, you should be able to use almost any character you want from any alphabet in the world for your category names. Be careful not to make the category names to long, as multibyte characters will fill up the category slug in the database much quicker.

    Also, please, please remember to support CataBlog and spread word about it in your community.

    Rating and confirming it works at the WordPress plugin repository

    Like the Facebook page and get your friends to like it too

    Offer feedback, support and comments on the official blog

    Share and tell as many people as you know.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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