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  • I have an install of catablog that’s been working well for about a year. Client gave me some new products to import — so uploaded new photos, entered data into CSV file and imported. These new products all have new/different categories.

    The categories display in the list of posts, but are NOT available in the list of categories. If I add another category, it appears in the list; if I apply it to the product, then save the product, it will not “stick.” That means it disappears when the screen refreshes, and is not available to add to the products. It’s just not saving to the database, apparently.

    Attempting to display one of the new categories with a shortcode in a post results in a blank page. Old categories dislay just fine.

    Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot? Could this possibly be a conflict with another plugin?

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  • Hi invision-studios, when you imported all the images through a csv file, did they all show up on your Library?

    You also mentioned these products have new categories, did you make sure that each product was added to the category under CataBlog >> Library >> Image >> select category and save?

    Now if the above is not working properly, can you add one image to the Library and select the correct category; save and view. If this process works then I suspect that the csv file you uploaded was either corrupted or formatted differently according to CataBlog format.

    Kind regards

    Following your directions (and my experience from setting up the plugin originally) I uploaded the images first to the “originals” directory on the server. To create the CSV file for the new products, I EXPORTED the current catablog to a CSV, deleted all the current listings, and added new ones with the new products.

    After everything was uploaded, I ran the “Regenerate Images” routine on the options page.

    Here’s the header row and first record from the CSV:
    9/4/12 0:00,Centurion Parts GME,gme-centurion-cutter-head-housing.jpg,,”Cutter Head Housing, Centurion”,,description,,product code

    (I used the word “description” and “Product code” as a placeholder in the actual field values because I don’t have a complete description from my client yet.)

    The images show up fine. The categories display fine in the Library listing page, they just don’t show up as a VIEW option at the top of the library page, or on the product edit page. All my old categories show up fine.

    I just manually uploaded an image, added a product and added a category. The category disappears after I save the product… but it shows up in the catalog listing page.

    Any ideas?

    Looking at the contents of the table wp_terms, I see ‘catablog-term-‘ prepended to the category names of the existing categories. I also see the categories I added manually (vs. in the CSV file) have a number appended to the end of the filename because of the duplication.

    Does ‘catablog-term-‘ need to be added to the beginning of catablog categories? shouldn’t that be done by the plugin?

    One of the plugins I’m using is WPML (to localize the site) and some of its add-ons. That plugin was added AFTER the initial install and setup of the catablog on this site. Wondering if something in WPML is interfering… Will test on a sandbox site.

    I have a feeling your csv file is corrupted.

    Above I mentioned to upload 1 image to the Library create a new category. Assign that category to the image save it and then view it.

    The WPML plugin is a very powerful plugin to translate a blog or website. I would disable it if you can and then try again and see what happens.

    Nope, not a CSV corruption. The problem is being caused by WPML. When I disable WPML (and 4-5 other WPML sub-plugins) ALL the versions of the categories I created in Catablog appear on the product edit page, including the ones created by the CSV file.

    I opened one of the new products to edit in catablog, created a new category, applied it to the product and saved. On a post page, I added shortcode to display that new category, and the product shows up (previously nothing was showing up).

    I’m going to try re-importing my new catablog items with WPML disabled to see if I can make the client happy. In the meantime, I’ll contact the good folks at WPML to try to troubleshoot. I’m sure it’s intercepting the creation & display of categories so it can duplicate them in other languages.

    Keep this open for now, so I can come back with a resolution.

    Thanks for the great response & support BTW.

    You are most welcome and yes the developers at WPML are very good and their plugin is one of the best in my humble opinion.

    I look forward for the solution.

    Kind regards

    I contacted WPML on this issue, and they suggested you touch base with them to resolve the issue directly at this link:

    If I disable WPML then everything works as advertised. Alternately, with WPML CMS enabled, I can disable translation of catablog categories and everything works. In the dashboard, go to WPML > Translation Management > Multilingual Content Setup and check “do nothing” for custom taxonomies for Catablog categories.

    Not sure what changed, this was all playing nicely together last year. The price of progress, eh?

    I’ll eventually need to get these new catablog items translated, so hopefully we’ll have this resolved by then.


    BTW, if you want to see catablog at work with WPML, visit my client’s website at (the OLD listings that work without problems) and (the NEW listings that are not yet translated).

    Thank you for posting the solution.

    I have my blog translated as well but I don’t use a plugin. I have not translated the full blog yet but some has been translated. I use two wordpress installations. I am only translating into 2 languages and it works fine for me. Plugins tend to create huge databases on the blog or website. However I do praise good plugins like WPML 🙂 I just prefer to do it my way.

    If this ticket is resolved could close it please.

    Kind regards

    It’s not really a solution, just a temporary work-around. I would like to be able to have full use of WPML category translation along with catablog.

    Something has changed in either your code or theirs (or WordPress) since last year when I set the WP site up initially, when everything was working well together.

    WPML’s strength is its ability to handle multiple languages and keep posts and pages (including catablog “posts”) associated with the original/primary language post. If you change the category for the original post, for example, WPML will change the category for the foreign language posts.

    Would you consider talking to them (using the link in the prev post) to make both plugins compatible with one another? Given their installed user base, it would generate more traffic for your plugin if you advertised that it works well in WPML/multiple languages…

    Hi invision-studios, I am sorry but I am just someone that keeps this plugins support going and helping where ever I can because I like CataBlog.

    I am not the developer, so you would have to send a personal e-mail requesting this solution.

    Thank you for understanding. If this ticket is resolved could you close it please.

    Kind regards

    mbrsolution, unfortunately the issue is not really resolved, I just found a temp workaround.

    Ideally, I’d like catablog to work with all the features of WPML. I would imagine it’s a relatively simple fix…

    I’ll contact the developer on his blog. Thanks.

    No problem, you are welcome.

    And yes the ticket is not resolved yet.

    Kind regards

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