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  • Plugin Author ajayver


    You don’t need any plugin for that, just paste this to the place you need:

    <?php wp_dropdown_categories(); ?>

    Here is more info about arguments:

    UPDATE: There is even no need to paste any code – just go to your widget options and add the standard “Categories” widget, then choose a drop-down list in its options.

    Thank you for fast reply Ajayer!
    Maybe I did’nt clearly describe what I need. I making blog for review apps and games. I have categories for platform (PC, MAC etc) and I have 2 type of tags – Games Genres and App Types. I want to make easy sorting for user. For example, user can choose game tag – adventure and choose platform PC. I realized that I can make it using your widget for category filter and 2 super tag widgets for showing 2 different types of tags (Games, Apps).

    Now I realized I can do this without super tag widgets just by placing 2 of your Cat + Tag widgets. But in tag dropdown both widgets showing similar tags. I’ve read other post where you placed a string of code that can exclude uneeded tags. But if I edit code in php file it will affect to both of widgets am I right?

    Maybe I’m just in wrong way and there more easy method to realize what I’m need?

    Hi Ajayer,

    I need the same option.
    I want to place your widget on different pages, but with different search options.

    For example: on one page I want to show the 2 categories cats and dogs with their tags, on an other page I want to show two other categories with their tags.
    I know I can do this: $tags = get_tags(‘exclude=2,45,101’);
    But when I do that both search widgets exclude them.

    B.t.w. How do I exclude categories? Like this:
    $categories = get_categories(‘pad_counts=1”exclude=34’);

    If this is not possible, can you make a clone of your widget so I can upload the clone and than exclude different things.

    The nice thing is, that your widget works great with the plugin Search everything.

    Plugin Author ajayver


    I’ve just uploaded an update of the plugin (version 0.4), where you can choose tags and categories to exclude. Now you can choose different tags and categories for each widget instance. I hope it will help.

    Hello Ajayver,

    Thanks for the update. Now it is a perfect widget-plugin!

    5 STARS!

    How I remove Tag?
    I want to keep categories and taxonomy in my sidebar. However get_the_list_catagory show all, include Tags,
    Please, help me:

    I just config, But I want to more taxonomy, Now your plugin support only one tag. Please help me

    Plugin Author ajayver


    I’m not sure what you mean.
    Do you use categories and tags to filter? Or category + custom taxonomy? Please show the screenshot of widget settings.

    Hello Ajayver,
    You uploaded an update of the plugin (version 0.4), where you can choose tags and categories to exclude.
    I have a few hundred tags on my site, but I would like to use only 6 for the filter.
    Is there also an easy option to include only those 6 tags.

    Plugin Author ajayver


    Find line 89 in cat-tag-filter.php:
    if ($ctf_options['exclude_tags'] != '') $args = 'exclude=' . $ctf_options['exclude_tags'];
    And replace it with this line:
    if ($ctf_options['exclude_tags'] != '') $args = 'include=' . $ctf_options['exclude_tags'];

    Then enter only tag id’s that you want to show in exclude field in options.

    Thanks a lot!

    Thanks – great plugin and support

    The original poster stated:
    “I wanted to ask how can I get rid from tags dropdown in my sidebar.”

    That’s exactly what I need to do (remove the Tags drop-down menu). There’s an option to “Hide Categories Dropdown”, but no option to “Hide Tags Dropdown”.

    I have about 100 categories that are divived into groups of related sub-categories. I want to display multiple instances of your widget on a page and filter out specific groups of categories from each one; i.e. have one list of sub-categories in one, another list in another, and so on.

    I also want to show only ONE dropdown list of tags on the page and exclude (hide” the tags dropdowns from all but one of the instances. In other words, I need a “Hide Tags Dropdown”.

    Is there a simple way to do this?

    GREAT pluggin, by the way. Nearly perfect.

    Plugin Author ajayver


    I didn’t understand what do you want to filter. How do you want the widget to look like? Why can’t you use <?php wp_dropdown_categories(); ?> ?

    The ‘Standard’ WP categories dropdown widget doesn’t provide any filtering options at the admin user interface level, which makes it necessary to write code and modify files. Your widget doesn’t require any code development or page/widget modifications to impliment (great plugin, by the way) and is a big time saver.

    All I need is the option to ‘Hide Tags Dropdown’ in each instance of the widget, so I can display multiple instances of your category dropdown, which you have developed to provide a simple, graceful and efficient method of filtering out undesired categories by ID number.

    Where you have created a very nice admin level user interface, the standard WP categories widget user interface provides nothing, in terms of filtering categories. I am trying to avoid writing code and modifying files.

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