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  • Resolved jotrys



    When using this plugin it does not take the Tag into consideration, only the category is filtered on.

    See the following:

    To reproduce, do the following:
    1) Select category “Van de redactie”
    (there are 2 posts for this category, one with tags: 2011, 2011-Mobiel-2 ;
    the other post with tags: 2011, 2011-Mobiel-1)
    2) Select tag “2011-Mobiel-1”
    3) Click on the Show button (Toon Selectie)
    Result: 2 posts displayed; both posts
    Expected Result: 1 post displayed; the one with tag “2011-Mobiel-1”

    Note: irrespective of the tag selected in the filter, the 2 posts of the category are displayed!

    What should I do? Pleaae advise.

    Am using:
    the Cat + Tag Filter version Version 0.2.2
    WordPress version 3.1.2

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  • Plugin Author ajayver


    I think you theme can cause the problem. Probably it changes the query somehow. If you have a local version of your site, try to test the filter with the default theme.

    hi ajayver,

    You are absolutely right on!
    Changed the theme back to the twentyten theme and it works.

    So is there a way to make it work in my theme?

    Plugin Author ajayver


    Is it “minimal” theme?
    Try to disable all theme options like excluding and including tags and categories, number of posts per pages and other things like that. Everything that can modify the original query. If it will work, you will be able to modify settings one by one and see which one of them causes the problem.

    It is not a minimal theme.
    It’s an elegantthemes theme. And yes it has a whole series of theme options where categories, posts per page etc are configured.

    What do you advise? :
    a) should I do what you suggest? or
    b) raise this with elegantthemes support ?

    Plugin Author ajayver


    Minimal theme is also made by elegantthemes.
    I advise you to find out which setting causes the problem and then contact their support if you need this setting or find some other way to achieve same goal.

    Thank you very much ajayver!
    Will do what you advise.
    Cheers, rock on!

    First, Ajay — I think this plugin is terrific — thanks for taking the time to develop it.

    I’m having a similar problem as above. I’m using Cat+Tag filter 0.2.2 and wordpress 3.1.3.

    I tested your suggestion above to see if my theme is interfering, and it is not — the plugin did not work in Twentyten either.

    I have two issues:

    1. Only the most recent category used is showing up. In other words, I have 5 posts, each using a different category. Only the most recently used category appears in the dropdown, even though all 5 categories should appear

    2. Same issue as jotrys — after choosing the category and clicking ‘submit’, a -1 is added to the end of the url, resulting in 404 error — when both options are set to ‘any category’ and ‘any tag’, a -1-1 is added.

    This site is for a client, and so it is currently in maintenance mode. I can take it out momentarily if you would like to see what’s happening. What’s interesting is that the plugin is working fine on my personal site, which is using wordpress 3.1.2, Thesis and 0.2.2 Cat+Tag.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


    Plugin Author ajayver


    Thanks for a bug report, I will try to fix it asap.

    Thanks so much!

    Plugin Author ajayver


    Did you try cat+tag filter with twentyten and without any other plugins? May be some plugin causes the problem?

    Hey Ajay

    So I just tried twentyten with no other plugins and still not working (tried it in Thesis w/ no plugins with no luck as well)

    Couple of thoughts:

    1. At one point I had activated the plugin Relevannsi…

    But after a brief overview, I uninstalled (per the plugins special uninstall feature), deactivated and deleted + even checked my database to make sure all the tables were gone… could something left over from that be interfering?

    2. Could any javascript or jquery interfere? I’ve taken that out of my custom_programming file (thesis)… but doesn’t seem to affect it

    Just checking to see if you had any other ideas?

    My last resort is to uninstall and reinstall wordpress altogether, which I’d like to avoid if possible.

    I’ve tested everything else i can think of that might be causing the issue…

    Plugin Author ajayver


    I’m sorry, I will have time for fixing it only tomorrow I hope.

    Oh, no worries – that would be great – thanks for your help!

    Plugin Author ajayver


    Can you give a link to your problem site?

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