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  • Resolved Ovidiu


    not sure if what I am looking for can be done, but here is my idea:

    lets say you have a recipe site and want to allow people to filter them, I’d love a visitor to have the option of clicking on tag clouds, i.e. a cloud with courses: main course, desert, soup, salad, etc. the next one with ingredients: potatoes, cucumber, etc. another one i.e. pork, beef, fish, vegetarian

    and thus filter or drill down the recipes, would make it easy to check what one has in the fridge and then filter for all recipes that contain those items 🙂

    the perfect solution would be if one could also have negative filtering, i.e. show all recipes with meat and potatoes but without tomatoes 🙂

    if it can be done, i think the easiest for the graphical implementation would be to have a + sign to the left of the tag and a – sign on the right to be able to quickly select 🙂

    I would be really curios if this can be done…

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  • Plugin Author ajayver


    Yes, that will be useful. I’ve seen such system here: and even asked the owner if it is a plugin, but it is some programers paid work.
    It is a nice idea for another plugin, I will think about it.

    that would be awesome.
    I had previously done some tests with different plugins like query multiple taxonomies plugin available here but they all seem to only be able to connect i.e. a category with a tag 🙁

    this could not only be useful for food sites but also for photography sites, enabling you to chose by category then filter by tags 🙂

    as for the implementation:

    I imagine something like this:

    show a cloud of categories after selecting one, below I can see a cloud of tags, where I can select one with + or – thus narrowing down the options…

    obviously if I select a category, then + tag1 it should be intelligent enough to only offer relevant tags for + or – based upon my previous selection?

    anyway, if you are going ahead with this, I can help beta test and give you some more ideas 🙂

    Hello admin,

    May i know how to add search box linking to drop down option like this site:

    Do you have any idea?

    Plugin Author ajayver


    There are some ideas about it, but it is much more complicated, than my plugin.
    My plugin only generates a link and redirects a user to it (like http://home_url/?cat=cat_id&tag=tag_id). But it is not possible to add a search query to the link that already has a category and a tag.
    You need to modify the main wordpress query to make the same search like you showed.

    Can you help me to do that? how much you charge?

    Plugin Author ajayver


    I think it will be better to ask this plugin developer to help you:

    wow thanks for the suggestion.. but i think his forum is dead already

    what are you talking about? forum dead???

    LOL.. sorry for my poor english… yeah! i found nice plugin that match my needs:

    thanks again ajayver

    Hi Ovidiu,
    did you find a solution for your problem? I would also need something like this…


    sorry, never got around to do that, abandoned the project mostly. let me know if you have a solution though 🙂

    I think it will be very useful to add filter by custom field and/or custom taxonomy.


    hi.. I am looking for a solution like Ovidiu was…

    after selecting a category, only tags in that category should be available for user to check or select in dropdown…


    having possibly two category selection boxes

    is it possible to add this function to your plugin?

    I have seen a lot people looking for this… would be really great!

    Plugin Author ajayver


    If someone wants to filter by custom taxonomies, write me an email (the address is in cat-tag-filter.php file.
    I have a pro version of this plugin for $9 which can handle custom taxonomies. Payment can be made after installation and testing.

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