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  • David


    Cart66 Lite does work with PayPal Standard.

    You need to change the checkout shortcode on your checkout page to: [checkout_paypal] (default is for PayPal Express.)

    David Rojas
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    Thanks David!
    I wonder how many people installed and discarded it, because like me they did not want to read the manual (I assume it is somewhere in there).
    I guess 80% or more use PayPal Standard.

    Since you seem to be familiar with it – is there an extension that can build a category layout with? I am still looking for a cart that can do both – insert code into a normal page/post and have a category grid.


    Plugin Author Lee Blue


    Perhaps give this plugin a try:

    Cartalog is a companion plugin to the Cart66 product, the Lite or Pro version, you’re choice. It provides a quick and easy way to add product listings, by category, to any page on your site. Using just a couple of shortcodes you can add product shots, links to detail pages, descriptions and a fully capable Cart66 “Add to Cart” button. For multiple product categories you can group items into category groups with nice headings and titles.

    Hi Reality66,
    thanks for your hint – this thread is quite helpful. I’ll check it out.
    I also hope that the makers of Cart66 read it and feel inspired to provide a better description of their product. My guess is they can skyrocket their users and sales with the right tweaks.


    I may be stupid (it wouldn’t be the first time), I have a couple of test products set up in Cart66 Lite but when I use the shortcode [checkout_paypal] I get nothing on my post. I firebug and there’s nothing there. So I have a couple of questions…

    1) What are the requirements to use Paypal Payments Standard? Do you have to have a Paypal Pro account?
    2) How do you choose an item using this shortcode? Do you add item=”xx” like you do with the add_to_cart shortcode?
    3) Is there something else I could be missing that would cause the shortcode to not display anything?

    Sorry if this if vague in any way. If any additional info is needed let me know. Version numbers being used are below.

    WP 3.4.1
    Cart66 Lite 1.4.9




    1) All you need to use PayPal Standard is your email address associated with your PayPal account. The shopping and return URLs are optional, but very helpful.

    2) If you have products setup in Cart66’s settings, you can enter them on the post/page with shortcodes using the Cart66 pop-up box in your editing console:

    3) The [checkout_paypal] shortcode needs to be placed on your Checkout page instead of the current one.

    I would recommend also reviewing the documentation which can be found here: (at the bottom of the page.)

    That makes so much more sense than what I was doing. Thanks David!



    You’re welcome!

    Hi, I LOVE this plugin and want to test it out before i upgrade BUT i have a squeeze page with the [checkout_paypal] shortcode on it and it keeps disappearing for some reason! I’m totally confused. It will stay for around 5-10 minutes and works, delivers the product fine and then, it’s just gone, poof! i just don’t know what is happening and i have been trying to figure it out for a week. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me! I don’t want to use another plugin.

    Disappearing code? Sounds like WP is cleaning it out
    If you have something like TinyMCE Advanced installed you can checkmark not to clean code.

    Thank you! I do have TinyMCE Advanced installed. Where would i check mark not to clean code?

    I think i got it, it’s in Users -> “Disable the visual editor when writing”, i hope, thanks!

    Still not showing, this is so weird! Maybe i just need to move to another plugin : (

    You MUST have some other code wrapped around it. WP does not clean up shortcodes.

    I’m using Cart66 Lite and I have it configured to use Paypal Standard. I can’t seem to get the product details to forward to PayPal. For example, on digital downloads I have disable shipping in the Cart66 interface through WP. Yet, it’s not being recognized in PayPal. Paypal is charging for shipping. Is there something I need to configure within PayPal to recognize the Cart66 Lite Product settings? I’m selling downloads and CDs in my store so I need PayPal to distinguish between the two types. Thanks.

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