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  • changing the link for the shopping url in settings has no effect and always redirects to the root index.php (home page).

    anyone else experiencing this?

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  • Hi wp.Man,

    Did you get this figured out? I’m having this same issue:

    changing the link for the shopping url in settings has no effect and always redirects to the root index.php (home page).

    I’ve tried both absolute and relative URLs for the Store URL setting.

    it’s working for me, but i don’t remember what i did… or if i did anything! try disabling all other plugs would be my suggestion. i’m sure i didn’t do anything with mod_rewrite, so i think there is a good chance it was due to a plugin. also, are using C66 v1.1.2?

    Yes, same issue.

    Wish it would go back to the previous page as those are dynamic in my case (but maybe that is the issue) ???. 🙁

    Debating if I can start picking somewhere to figure out either creating a go back link for the continue shopping button or how I can trigger it to act like some other coded area I have working in my header to take member to page.

    Otherwise, all seems to be lining up splendidly.

    Same problem here. From the Cart, the link to Continue Shopping goes to the homepage of the website (which is a page), even though I have a specific page (not the website homepage) set as the Store Home Page in the Cart66 settings menu. Using C66 v1.1.2

    I selected a page which worked temporarily (strangely) and then removed the link and it seemed to still follow that path even after having cleared my cache, cookies, etc. After some time it cleared back up again resulting in the home page for the result. But trying to go back to the dynamic page (the original goal) still not working.

    What I’m trying now is to create a shortcode to add to the cart page which when clicked will take users back to that page and displaying the updated cart.

    Almost seems like it should be easier to add another button then to mess with any of the code on that cart php page (for a novice like myself).

    It’s working for me now. I’m not sure what the issue or resolution was.

    Thought I would pop in and mention what is going on here. I just had the same issue with Cart66 Lite. As it turns out, Cart66 uses a session variable for the continue shopping URL. You simply need to clear your cookies associated with Cart66.

    BTW – I am quite certain this shopping url is saved this way for security reasons.

    This is still not working for me and it has nothing to do with the cookies or session variables because I can try it in a browser that I’ve never been to the site before with and the same behavior occurs: “Continue Shopping” links to the homepage, not the last item.

    Anybody else have a fix for this?

    I need the ‘continue shopping’ button to take me to the previous page where i had cart the item, how can that be possible

    After poking and prodding for hours, I’ve figured out the fix for this.

    In models/Cart66Cart.php before the line “cart66_after_add_to_cart” add “Cart66Session::set(‘Cart66LastPage’, $_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’]);” (without quotes, of course).

    What I discovered was that the last page visited variable (Cart66LastPage) is only set in two places in the code. In views/cart.php and models/Cart66ShortcodeManager.php. The first file only checks if the session variable is empty, and if so, sets it to either the store page from the settings or the blog URL. The second file only sets the variable if Gravity is used, which is only available in the Pro version.

    Basically, the developer apparently really wants us to buy the Pro version =p

    Yes I too think there is a little PUSHY SALES going on… same goes with the country settings.

    I tried to solve this same problem by adding the line Falklian
    suggested, but it didn’t give me the solution.

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