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    Thanks for the lite version! I’m excited to try it out since I’ve been less than pleased with some of the shop options for WordPress.

    Am I forced to use Pay Pal Express?
    I’m testing out the lite version. I figured that if I had no Express credentials I should leave it blank and it will use PayPal Website Payments Standard.
    Though when I go to check out it says:

    PayPal Express Checkout Is Not Configured
    In order to use PayPal Express Checkout you must enter your PayPal API username, password and signature in the Cart66 Settings Panel

    Hmm. How do I use PayPal Website Payments Standard?

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  • Mic, I was confused about this as well, and got help in the forum. You can edit your store/checkout page and use the [checkout_paypal] shortcode. If you visit the forum link I left above, you can download 25 pages of Cart66 Lite documentation.

    Bradly, Thanks. [checkout_paypal] Did the trick. Good to have the documentation in hand now too!

    I am having similar issues.

    Using the ordinary paypal gateway do you still receive purchaser details back into your site or do you need to set up a form to gather this data?

    Good question, I haven’t gotten that far!
    I know PP stores that stuff.


    Another thing I don’t know if you have had this, but my Continue Shopping URL seems to have been corrupted. You don’t happen to know anything about this problem, or where the URLS are stored

    As for Paypal – have emailed them today to see if they have any instructions on how to get a trader/business account linked to my personal.

    On the debug options you can set up a Paypal sandbox, if you have registered as business, to check the transaction process.

    I’ll keep you posted


    Plugin Author Lee Blue


    An important thing to check is to make sure you are using the correct shortcode for the payment gateway you have configured. So after setting up your gateway info in the Cart66 settings panel go to your store/checkout page and make sure you are using the shortcode for the payment gateway you configured in the settings. For example, if you want to use PayPal Website Payments Standard, you will want to use the [checkout_paypal] shortcode. If you configured PayPal Express Checkout then use the [checkout_paypal_express] shortcode. You can find a list of the available shortcoddes in the Cart66 Shortcode Reference that pops up from the page/post content editor. You can also find the complete Cart66 Lite documentation freely available here:

    Also worth noting, you can use more than one gateway at a time. For example suppose you want to offer both PayPal Standard checkout as well as accepting credit cards directly on your site. You can use BOTH the [checkout_paypal] and the [checkout_authorizenet] shortcodes on the same page. Hope that helps! Best of luck with your stores!

    I entered the return page:

    But using the sandbox, I a returned to the sites main page with all thye “paypal confimed” details appended.

    Any ideas?

    Plugin Author Lee Blue


    Because of an unknown delay between when the order is completed and when your site actually receives the IPN from PayPal you should not direct folks to the store/receipt page and, instead, should instead create a new page that you use as your PayPal “thank you” page. It can act like a receipt page of sorts by including the [cart mode=”read”] shortcode to have a read-only view of the contents of the shopping cart along with a message that explains that they will be getting an email with a link to their receipt.

    Another idea would be to use PayPal Express Checkout. Express Checkout brings your buyers back to your site to complete the sale. Therefore your site knows instantly when a sale has been successfully completed. Since you don’t have to wait for an IPN your customer is immediately taken to their online receipt. This is especially helpful when selling digital products because the “thank you” page you set up using the read-only view of the shopping cart will not contain any links to download the purchased products. Using Express Checkout your buyer will get to their “real” receipt right away where they will find their download links.

    I am using Cart66Lite (for evaluation). Do I have to upgrade to use Paypal Express?

    Set up the page on Settings and on Paypal and still comes back to home page

    paypal problem?

    OK – I’ve spent all day on this so here is where I am

    Paypal – after several iterations
    Auto Return on
    Payment Data Transfer Off
    Block non-encryptyed – not selected
    Website Payment Off
    Patpal Account Optional Off

    for both return & shopping URL

    his is a basic Thank-you page showing cart before clearing


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