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  • 3 days ago, I submitted a support ticket to the pre-sales personnel for Cart66. That request simply contained one question:

    Hi, when will you have Cart66 working in WordPress 3.3?
    Thank you.

    It was responded to by David Rojas, Cart66 Support, where he wrote:

    Are you experiencing any issues?

    (I immediately responded with:

    Yes, it does not work, and cannot be installed in WordPress 3.3+
    Please advise when WP3.3 support will be available.
    Thank you.

    But, to date, never received a reply).

    Evidently, it seems the individual never even read the question, and certainly didn’t provide an answer. At the very least, I would have expected the individual to indicate either:

    a) It is supported in WordPress 3.3
    b) It is not supported in WordPress 3.3

    Support and Pre-sales Support could not possibly be unaware that only version 1.3.0 of this plugin is available for download, and that it cannot be used with WordPress 3.3.

    The support person should have immediately been aware of this, and provided instructions to obtain version 1.3.3 of the plugin. (That might work with WordPress 3.3?)

    The confusion results in attempting to test drive the “Lite” version, prior to purchasing the professional version. Confusion? The lite version is 1.3.0 however the changelog on their site clearly indicates the available version should be 1.3.3. Also the download link on their website is broken (it does not like to the plugin download page on – As advertised).

    If users are unable to test using the “lite” version, it’s unlikely they will shell out money to purchase a version that may or may not work on WordPress 3.3.

    Why is only version 1.3.0 available? (Which does not work on WordPress 3.3).

    In my opinion WordPress is a premier package, and also in my opinion, developers who work with it, should provide the quality services and attention to detail, that I have observed with the core developers (of WordPress).

    In my opinion, its unfortunate when a plugin with so much potential, appears not to be as well supported and as usable as it could be, given my opinions as above.

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