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[checkout_paypal_express] returns empty cart, no download (2 posts)

  1. memelab
    Posted 4 years ago #


    Tearing my hair out using Cart66-lite v1.3:

    I want to use [checkout_paypal_express] to sell downloadables.

    Everything goes smoothly to a point:

    1. Add to Cart
    2. View Cart [cart mode="read"]
    3. Checkout [checkout_paypal_express]
    4. Redirected to Paypal, successful payment
    5. Returned to the site /store/express/ [express], and I see: "Your Cart is Empty, Continue Shopping", then "Billing Info (correct)" and "Complete Order".
    6. Clicking Complete Order takes me to /Store/Receipt/ which is almost complete, but has no product in the table, a $0 total, and no download link :(

    I'm pretty sure that I know how it SHOULD function, because if I set a product to user-defined price, then I see a read-only cart at /store/express/ and the correct receipt complete with download at /store/receipt/.

    [checkout_paypal_express] fails for products with set-price and variables which change the price, but works for user-defined price.

    [checkout_paypal] works as advertised, but I'm not automatically returned to the website, which is not great for business :(

    I'm really keen to subscribe to Pro, but I'm leery of committing given that

    • the free version isn't working for me out of the box, and
    • I can't see the support forums to get a feel for how satisfied / supported people are there.

    I don't want a free product - I want to evaluate the Pro!

    Fingers crossed - this (major) issue aside, the process has been vastly preferrable to working with WPEC!

    Hopefully bold text makes the long post intelligible :)

    Cheers, Tim


  2. memelab
    Posted 4 years ago #

    hokay, just for reference, this appears fixed in 1.3.7 Pro.
    Haven't got time to check it thoroughly, sorry.

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