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  • Hi there

    I am trying to get Cart66 to work and have run into a couple errors. Firstly, I must note that Cart66 is running in Plugin Test Drive, not activated the normal way. This hasn’t affected any other plugins that I’ve tested, but it could be a factor. I am also using PayPal in Sandbox Mode at the moment.

    The first problem is with a file that I’ve uploaded onto Amazon S3. I’ve entered my Amazon S3 details in the settings page, I’ve entered the Bucket and File Names into the products configuration, but when I click the “Download” link in the Receipt I get the following error:

    <Message>The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your key and signing method.</Message>

    And a few more lines as part of that error (I don’t know it you need the entire output?)

    The second problem I have is that the currency that is sent to PayPal is not converted to Dollars. I would like to display the currency on my site in South Africa Rands (ZAR) but pay through PayPal, which means that the amount should be converted to Dollars. For example, on my site if an item costs R100, it should be converted to (roughly) $15. Instead PayPal is charging $100. Is there a way to correct this?

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  • When a protected download link is clicked, Cart66 generates a signed link to your Amazon S3 file that is valid for 1 minute then redirects the user to that link. So you need to make sure that you don’t have any mod_rewrite rules or anything messing up the link to amazon. The query string that gets generated includes a signature which seems to be getting messed up somehow.

    There are settings in the Cart66 Settings panel where you can specify you currency for PayPal. Not seeing what you have set up makes it hard to troubleshoot, but you should be able to specify a currency in the Cart66 Settings panel. You may also want to check into your PayPal account itself under the “profile” section to make sure your currency settings are the way you want them in there.

    I’ve managed to resolve the Amazon S3 issue – I was using a bucket name with capital letters and an underscore. I changed the bucket name to a single word all in lowercase and it is now working. I suspect that the capital letters were the problem – could this be so?

    I have specified the PayPal currency in the settings panel as USD (ZAR is not supported by PayPal yet) and I’ve specified the currency symbols in the Cart66 settings as “R” which is the symbol for ZAR. I’m guessing that Cart66 sends the amount in USD to PayPal without considering the currency that the website is displaying in. I know that in other e-commerce software such as WP e-commerce by Instinct that one is able to select the currency used by the website from a drop down list, and specify the preferred PayPal currency and there is a module that automatically converts the site currency to the PayPal currency. Does Cart66 not do this sort of conversion, or have I simply missed it? If I posted an example of this issue on my test website would that help you guys out?

    Cart66 is by far the best e-commerce plugin for WordPress that I’ve found thus far, and the only one that meets (almost all) my needs, so thank you guys for the great work!

    @leew4jc You will need to convert your Rand amount into USD manually yourself (unless the Cart66 developers account for this type of thing). I had a similar issue with Jigoshop and had to do the conversion myself.

    You can use this currency converter class as a start:

    Unfortunately, I am not familiar with Cart66, but all you need to do is convert your product amount, tax amount and shipping amounts to USD. You can do this by using the converter class. What I did was change the “default” currency conversion to R1 – USD. That way you can set a variable and multiply your amounts by that variable (around 0.13).

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