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  • Hi
    I wanto just to report that this plugin works ok.

    But it’s written nowhere it adds a “meta name=framework” in the head of the page!

    I was really annoyed and disturbed by this hidden behaviour, so I deactivated it!
    Mine is an unuseful amatorial site, but if I had a business one??
    If someone cares very much about what do spiders like google look for?

    Its more than ok to put credits for the job you made, but TELL us you do and we decide!

    In addition, it’s a backend plugin, so noone sees what it does; doubt arises that it’s like a tracking system…

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  • So easy: this is free software, if you don’t like it, don’t use it or modify it to work as you want.I thing you forgot the free software and open source concepts. Download the software, test it and if use if you want, there is no obligation, you have not to pay any cent to use it, but don’t complain about authoring credits that you’re able to remove.

    Really do you think is a hidden behavior? Anyone can see it, so it’s not hidden. Do you thing WordPress is too bad because it adds the meta generator to headers?

    And of course, if you have a business site, perhaps you can share some earnings with developers.

    Let me explain, please…
    I DO believe in free software, I left m$ windows for slackware GNU/linux some years ago, and I do know the freedoms and rights in it…

    I was just saying that, yes, it’s a hidden beaviour.

    It’s hidden simply ’cause you don’t know it will happen, and ’cause not every one looks at it’s meta tags (if he knows what it is…) and still less goes digging into code to remove some unwanted dislikable feature; I did (grep -ri framework capsman/ ,grep -ri meta capsman/ , in linux shell) and didn’t find that line…
    I’m not a programmer, should I open all files and try to deode how does it put that line on page output?

    There were some other discussed plugins that, for example, make believe that a donation was not voluntary, or added their link to blogroll, ad this was officially judget a nasty feature; ok, it’s not a visible line on the page, but I found it disturbing the same.

    Then, really Txanny, we can not compare WordPress (that is THE site) and the theme (that is THE thing we see in the browser) that put, rightly, their line to meta, to a backend plugin…
    If the 10% of existing plugins would have this behaviour, our meta will explode!

    It’s ok to put credits for comment, sliders, all the useful charmy plugins we use, but, please, just ask first.

    Don’t know why your grep search failed, but only have to comment or remove this line (around line 90-95) on init.php located at the framework folder. (Also you can remove the complete preceding function):

    add_action('wp_head', '_ak_framework_meta_tags');

    Just want to tell my point of view:

    1. Donations are always voluntary, it’s up to you want to donate or not, no obligation. I do the plugins because I want to do them, donations are welcome, but not expected. You have not to donate to remove credits.

    2. I think that if someone is running a commercial site, it’s a good idea to share some of the earnings with the software developers, specially with WordPress core developers to help them to continue developing great software.

    3. Authors have not to ask what the plugin shows, it’s up to the author to create the plugin and show the credits any way they want.

    3. The license allows you to remove the printed credits if you don’t like them, but don’t ask authors to change it. Credit is the only thing developers receive for this work. A credit that is not directly shown to end users is not as disturbing as setting them on your page footer.

    4. The only license does not allow you to remove are the copyright and license notices inside the code comments.

    5. You can have almost an unlimited number of meta in the HTML code and that will not make the site to have any special bad behavior except some extra download bytes.

    Ok Txanny, i see your point.
    And perhaps I took that too strongly…

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