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  1. kingjeffrey
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Great plugin... works great.

    I would like to see the interface be more inline with the expected WP admin interface. Specifically, I'd like the main capabilities page to be a list of roles that is displayed like the list of users, posts, pages, etc. found elsewhere in the admin panel. Perhaps two "pages" under the User's tab would be appropriate: "Roles" and "Add Role".

    Otherwise, no complaints.


  2. Txanny
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Sounds no bad and liked the idea. I just I didn't toke that into consideration as normally people have a limited set of roles.

    As I liked it, I tracked it as a feature request to take it into consideration. Can see the feature request at http://tracker.alkivia.org/view.php?id=208

    Hope if doing it, the WP admin interface had not changed again ;)

    Just one question: What to show to the user:

    a) All roles, but don't allow edit those he is not granted to edit.
    b) Just hide the roles the user is not granted to manage.

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