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  • Hey Warting,

    Great plugin and website.. I was developing my first app two days ago when all of a sudden the site wen’t down and now my app/feed is unresponsive.

    I was about to donate $80 as well once I got my APK in order and launched it on the marketplace.

    If you need funds to get the site back up please respond… or, get the site back up and as soon as I can update my feed URL in the app to my normal feed instead of relying on to serve it, I’ll send $80 to help with next months web hosting payments. I don’t want to leave my email address on this forum, but my account/site on is “thetrickster88”. You can contact me at that email address if you’d like.

    Thanks again for a great app.

    Suggestion: Allow only one compile for free and include a “demo” watermark that is large and overbearing and then charge at least $10 to compile your APKs and $25 to compile without mention of Once the user pays they should be able to either compile and unlimited amount of times or at least a few times.

    I think the web developers like me who can’t write android apps and are very familiar with RSS, CSS, Javascript and WordPress will pay to compile their app.

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