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  • terrisi


    I am a self-taught code newbie but have managed to change css on my wp sites to do small customizations thanks to community forums education. My question must be a simple one for most on the forums as I’ve been unsuccessful in locating any resource that answers it.

    I am using the plug in Business Directory which seems to answer our needs for a sortable, searchable directory with an online entry submission form. I need to make just a few tweaks though.

    I have been trying to figure out how to make the titles of directory listings appear in all capitals and bold without affecting the post titles or hyperlinks elsewhere on the site. I don’t know how to specify this field value properly. I tried looking at the titles in Firebug to discover what that field is called but obviously am not understanding it or writing it properly in my styles.css. Along the same line, there are field values in my directory that I would like to make a smaller font size or color but am too much of a novice to figure out how to specify the names of those field values in the css.

    I would also like to remove the “view” button from the directory listings (I only list the organization titles and city on the excerpt view) as clicking on the title takes them to the same place.

    Any help and all patience with me is appreciated.

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