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    In what table are the listings custom field data kept.

    I imported 900 businesses… manually by hand spent over 8 hours sorting everyone into multiple categories (pain in the ass) only to realize that one field is broke in every listing.

    I added a hard url to a field in the import database:

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    However, I realize now that the custom fields recognize a url so I only needed the because my custom field shows only “a href=” on every record.

    Im not re-importing 900 names to fix it just to spend another 8 hours sorting records into categories again.

    I just want to find the field in my MySql database and do a find and replace on the url.. but I can not find any of the field data for any businesses? Where would they be?

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  • Hi wallydavid,

    look into the db table wp_postmeta which has the following fields:

    meta_id, post_id, meta_key, meta_value.

    You will find rows beginning with “_wpbdp[fields]” there, for example:

    157, 81, ‘_wpbdp[fields][5]’, ‘’
    158, 81, ‘_wpbdp[fields][6]’, ‘0800 11 22 33 44 55’
    409, 137, ‘_wpbdp[fields][7]’, ‘0800 11 22 33 44 55’
    410, 137, ‘_wpbdp[fields][8]’, ‘’

    The numbers 5, 6, 7 and 8 reference to the form fields stored in the db table wp_wpbdp_form_fields.

    The field number 5 is (in this example only, it may be different in your WP) a website URL and it’s field is defined in the table wp_wpbdp_form_fields as follows:

    5, ‘Webseite’, ”, ‘textfield’, ‘meta’, ‘URLValidator’, 0, 5, 0x613a313a7b733a31353a2273686f775f696e5f65786365727074223b693a313b7d, 0x613a313a7b733a373a226f7074696f6e73223b733a303a22223b7d)

    I think all you want is to search and replace the values in the field meta_value of the table wp_postmeta where the field meta_key equals “_wpbdp[fields][YOUR_FIELD_ID]”. You have to replace YOUR_FIELD_ID with the ID of your “Learn more” field.

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    Hi wallydavid,

    roddacio is correct–the field data is located in wp_wpbdp_form_fields. Before you try his suggestions, I would definitely BACKUP the entire database in case this operation messes something up so you can easily restore it.

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