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[Resolved] [Plugin: Business Directory Plugin] Don't understand sort by title

  • swmagic999


    I added 113 new directory members but at the end of the list I only see older entries tab, which takes me backward.

    These entries are not sorting by business name. In Manage Options, Listing, I have the “order directory listings by”: title.

    I assumed title meant business name but it’s obvious now that it doesn’t. Yet I don’t see business name in the drop down list. Why?


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  • Plugin Author businessdirectoryplugin


    Hi swmagic999,

    Sorry that you’re having trouble here.

    On my demo site, I have “Sort by title” set and it is indeed sorting the listings by the Business Name (Apple, Cisco, Kroger, Microsoft, Oracle, Safeway, Sunflower Markets, Whole Foods…)


    So I guess I need to see a couple of things to better understand this:

    – A screenshot of your Manage Options, Listings tab that shows the sort order

    – A link to the directory

    Also, what version of BD are you running?



    Thanks for the quick response. Here’s your info.

    Ok, since I don’t see anyplace here for attachments, I’ve moved the screen shots here:


    and here’s the link to the directory:

    You’ll notice that the first page superficially looks good. But on the bottom it shows “Older Entries”, which brings up the next alphabetic list. That is a very strange and an unexpected behavior.

    Thanks for your attention to this.

    Plugin Author businessdirectoryplugin


    I’m looking at the “Older Entries” link and it’s walking the entries in alphabetical order. While the name “Older Entries” might be misleading, it is indeed sorting things by alphabetical order.

    Is that the issue? That text of Older Entries confusing you?

    You can actually change that (It’s a copy of standard WordPress blog language) in a template.



    Even if I change the text of “Older Entries” to “Previous”, that still is an untrue mechanism. For example if the first page is A1 to A9 business names, then Previous would definitely should NOT produce B1 to B9 (that is a reverse mechanism than what is expected–one should expect the NEXT button to yield B1 to B9. Right?



    Furthermore, Previous is ALWAYS on the left, and Next is ALWAYS on the right.

    Sorry to be difficult, but these are the standards out there. You have a good product, I like the way it works, mostly. There’s just a few tweaks needed to make this Kung Fu Panda “Awesomeness”.

    Plugin Author businessdirectoryplugin


    Ah, I see your point. We will tweak the default templates for that. Should be in the next release. Next on the right, Previous on the left and we’ll leave out the “Older Entries” text, which doesn’t make any sense anymore.

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