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    When I try to reset my password I get a 403 forbidden error.

    I’m running the S2 members plugin.

    When I use the ‘get new password’ form the URl that is in the email i get has ‘action=rp&key=’

    Works fine when I go to that page (S2 Members).

    When I try to set the new password and click on ‘reset password’ the URL has ‘action=resetpass&key=’

    This is where I get the 403

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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  • Plugin Author AITpro


    Hmm both of those query strings already have skip rules in the BPS root htaccess file so they should not be getting blocked. It looks like a new version of S2 was released yesterday. I’ll put S2 in testing and post back here with my findings after testing is done. Thanks.

    Plugin Author AITpro


    Ok i did testing with the Theme My Login plugin activated and without any other login plugins in the mix – ie a standard WP setup and with the S2 login interface in place and did not have any problems. I was sent the password reset link from S2 and clicked the link and entered the new password and the S2 password reset was successful using the S2 interface without any problems. So there must be another specific issue going on on your end. BPS and S2 work fine together as long as the query string skip rules are in the BPS root htaccess file. Thanks.



    k – thanks :]

    You know this is funny because I just installed s2 and it did the same thing to my site.

    It was fine before but now 403 only for this one thing.

    Seems very strange that I get the same issue.

    I also have another site with no s2 and it is working fine.

    So I kinda agree with adput that s2 did something.

    May not happen every time but it does happen.

    I am running buddypress 1.5.5 on wp 3.2.2

    needless to say I will not install on another site without using in a test site first.

    The worse thing is I got no response to any questions from s2.

    Matter of fact I did not see a single answer to any of the hundreds of questions being asked.

    Seems to me customer service is number one.

    At least that is the way I built my company.

    while you can’t solve all things. At least reply to the thing and give some response. don’t just ignore it all together.

    Needless to say i won’t be buying Pro anytime soon.

    Plugin Author AITpro


    I assume you are talking about S2member Pro and not BPS Pro. 😉 Yep i agree that excellent product support is essential to the overall value of any product. If you have a great product, but have bad support then that negates the overall value of that product.

    Are you using BPS as well or are you just using S2?
    Also there are some issues that i found with BuddyPress that are a little worrisome and that you should be aware of. Please see this thread —

    Yes S2member pro not BPS Pro

    BPS was working fine until I installed S2Member.

    There is something there for sure.

    I have almost the exact configuration on 2 sites.

    The only difference was S2Member.

    Needless to say I am going to keep trying to fix.

    But it is like finding a needle in a haystack 🙂

    So I am backing up the essentials and migrating over to another install and see if that fixes it.

    And also going to deactivate plugins one by one as well.

    It may be a theme doing it none the less I will find the little booger you can bank on that. I won’t stop until I do.

    Plugin Author AITpro


    Ok keep me posted on this and if you can identify the problem area or maybe a particular query string that is causing the problem then let me know that info and i can definitely assist you from there. What is interesting is how this seems to be some kind of intermittent issue or not consistent. When i tested S2 with BPS everything worked fine so logically there is probably a 3rd factor or other factor in the mix that i did not test with. I am really uncomfortable with testing with BuddyPress in the mix because it has wiped out 2 of my test sites when i uninstalled it so i hope it does not have anything to do with BuddyPress, S2 and BPS. 😉

    I agree but it still freaks me out is all

    I am going to migrate then play in the damaged directory.

    I don’t want to cause to much grief for people on the site.

    I will RSS this feed to my bookmarks so I have.

    Getting the Error logs from Godaddy this week as well.

    I think that is the best course of action.

    My cousin is also in the loop he nows code as well.

    Called Godaddy and they looked at the Error code.

    They were nice enough to tell me what it was. I say that because I use FTP uploads.

    They were also very nice and told me that it was the template package and they were correct. It seems the compatibility package was the culprit.

    That is why it did not show up in your core test.

    But it was a up to date package from BP.

    That is what threw me off was it being up to date to current spec.

    Thank the heavens for the Godaddy Team they are great!

    The also informed me that there is a independent cpanel for wordpress just google.

    I will be installing on all my sites so I have error logs for this sort of thing.

    So in the future I will know sooner.

    Well off to do other things.

    Plugin Author AITpro


    Yeah I agree with you absolutely that GoDaddy ROCKS! They have one of the best technical support staffs and customer support staffs of any web host that I have ever dealt with. I have dealt with 100’s of different web hosts and have also come across other Hosts that also offer this same awesome level of support, but unfortunately I come across a lot of Rogue Hosts in my travels – “sorry not our problem”. 😉

    Thank you for considerately posting your findings as this may help someone else down the road who runs into this same issue/problem. 🙂

    I’ll put the BuddyPress Template Pack in testing and see what the core issue/problem is and post a solution back here.

    Best Regards,

    Glad I could help! 🙂

    Seems in life the main goal is to be helpful! 🙂

    At least for me anyway.

    Would not have it any other way.

    I also posted in s2memebers plugin page as well.

    this way if anyone else runs into this they will be safe as well.

    All and all great talking to you and glad to have helped out 🙂

    Your Pal Sal 🙂

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