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[Resolved] [Plugin: BulletProof Security] Options -Indexes Causing 500 Error

  • Thanks for a great plugin.

    I am unable to get Bulletproof Security working for a site I am working on if I don’t comment out “Options -Indexes” in both the root .htaccess and the wp-admin .htaccess.

    The host has the following configured in the virtual host configuration relating to Indexes.

    AllowOverride Indexes

    Does allowing Indexes defeat the purpose of having Bulletproof installed?

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  • Plugin Author AITpro



    Options -Indexes is not really all that important for WordPress anyway. It would be an important thing to have if you had an HTML website. Options -Indexes was added by popular request and it is really not necessary for WordPress so you can just delete it.

    If you have access to and can edit the httpd.conf file on the host then you can change this, but like I said the Options -Indexes directive is not really necessary for WordPress.

    Just for the heck of it you could try uncommenting # Options +FollowSymlinks and see what happens. You will probably get a 500 error. Thanks.

    Hello Ed,

    Thanks so much for the response. This plugin is absolutely perfect for what I needed.


    Plugin Author AITpro


    Cool! Glad you like it. 😉

    Hi Ed,

    First, great plugin thank you!

    My question is the opposite of Alex: I noticed in the latest build we installed that the root does not include Options – Indexes and leaves non-Wordpress folders open for viewing.

    I have since added in the line but wondering if this has been removed from your feature set. Having an option to turn on or off this feature would be great for those that need/don’t need Options -Indexes.


    Plugin Author AITpro


    Several people have asked about this so i guess i will stick it back in the master files and just comment it out. That way people can uncomment it if they want to use this directive. Thanks.

    Much appreciated thanks!

    Would be great if future updates to this plugin won’t re-comment out options -indexes so that installations we don’t check often won’t become open. Just in case we’ll add .htaccess to non-wp folders but thought I’d mention in case you were designing a new function for this.

    Again, thanks for your plugin – I’ll be asking clients to go your way for security services when they are live.

    Plugin Author AITpro


    well maybe i will just add some DB savable options for the htaccess files then. it’s very quick and simple with the WordPress Settings API. I was planning on doing this eventually for the Maintenance mode form so adding some DB savable checkboxes for the htaccess files would be a relatively quick thing to add. What i want to stay away from is ending up having a full form that offers checkboxes for every line of code in the htaccess files. LOL Thanks again.

    LOL agreed – your clean interface is what makes it a great for us on each installation and much more straight forward to clients which we appreciate. And *really* appreciate your care and time to consider this option for a future version.


    Plugin Author AITpro


    Cool! We created a version of BPS in the very beginning for testing with a form where you could build the htaccess file by selecting which things you wanted to add. OMG was that a disaster. LOL. So pre-made was the final winning version hands down. 😉

    LOL too true. This makes me think of Missing Missy 🙂 If you haven’t read it, I think you’ll enjoy it.

    Plugin Author AITpro


    I checked out Missing Missy – absolutely hysterical and so true to life. LOL
    BPS .46.3 has Options -Indexes included as a regular feature with a help note to those minority of people who have hosts that do not allow the Options directive in htaccess files. I actually discovered that there is a very minor and really not so important “thing” that can be done in WordPress if you are not using Options -Indexes. The worst that could happen is someone could see something in WP that they should not be able to see. Cryptic enough? LOL Never give em ammo to shoot you with. LOL Thanks.


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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