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    We’ve been using BPSecurity for our website for a long time and are happy with it. However, a few days ago I arranged for postcards to be sent from our website, and I installed the plugin WP-Greet that does that. I think this WP-Greet has a problem with BPS, or vice versa: once the Bulletproof Security mode is activated, it doesn’t connect the postcard gallery with the postcard sending form. Once I switched on the Default Mode, everything works fine. Here’s the postcard page:
    I’d appreciate any advice, I’m not really very knowledgeable about all this, so it could be something really simple that a more sophisticated user would fix themselves. I’ve also written to the WP-Greet forum to notify them of the problem.

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  • Plugin Author AITpro


    Thank you for posting the URL. This makes troubleshooting nice and simple.
    The URL simulates an RFI hacking attempt against your site so to allow this URL on your website without it being blocked by BPS you would need to create a skip/bypass rule by choosing some unique identifiers in the Query String.

    This skip/bypass rule assumes that your “gallery” will always be a number between 0 and 9. Test this skip/bypass rule by adding it above skip/bypass rule 12 in your root .htaccess file. if testing is successful then you can add this skip/bypass rule to BPS Custom Code in the Plugin fixes box. This will save it permanently so that you will not need to manually add this to your root .htaccess file again. Please read the Read Me help button on the BPS Custom Code page for specific procedural steps for using BPS Custom Code.

    # WP-Greet skip/bypass rule
    RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} gallery=([0-9]+)&image=(.*) [NC]
    RewriteRule . - [S=13]



    Thank you!


    I am a newbie and blind to technology.
    Will you be so kind to update the BPS in the next edition so that we can automatically by pass this problem?

    I don’t know whether it is at all technically possible from your side?

    Thanks for listening.

    I t will be great if you revert back.

    Plugin Author AITpro


    This is technically not a “problem” in either BPS or WP-Greet. WP-Greet is unintentionally/innocently simulating a hacking attempt and BPS is doing what is supposed to do – Blocking what appears to be a hacking attempt.

    So basically since BPS is taking action against what it sees as a threat pattern / hacking attempt then you just need to tell BPS that it is ok to allow this particular simulated RFI hacking attempt by whitelisting this particular query string that wp-greet is using.

    Since BPS upgrades now automatically update your root .htaccess file and DO NOT remove or alter any customization’s that you have made then your skip/bypass rule will remain in your Root .htaccess file forever. Also the new Custom Code feature in BPS allows you to add and save this skip/bypass rule permanently so that if you did have to activate BulletProof Mode again for your Root folder then this custom code skip/bypass rule would be automatically created every time you reactivated Root folder BulletProof Mode.

    Please click on the Blue Read Me help button on the BPS Custom Code page for details on how to add this plugin skip/bypass rule to Custom Code.


    Plugin Author AITpro


    If your particular Query string is different then the one the previous person posted then post that Query string and i will post the skip/bypass rule that you will need. Post the URL with the Query string included and if you want to keep your website anonymous just use blah blah blah

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