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    I was so thrilled to find BPS and found it very easy to use and to understand how it protects. Especially since another security plugin broke my site.

    But I found out today that my users (it’s a new site) cannot log in via the sidebar login that I have been using on the community site I just launched. That sidebar login plugin is integral to my site.

    For a coder it may be easy to tweak the .htaccess file, but I had to deactivate the BPS .htaccess file and wp-admin/ protection to make the sidebar login work. Any idea how I can use both without conflict? Please advise. Thanks.

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  • Plugin Author AITpro


    which plugin is it so that i can test it and find out what is being seen by BPS as a threat/vulnerability to your website? thanks.

    Thanks for your fast reply. It’s:

    Contributors: mikejolley
    Donate link:
    Tags: login, sidebar, widget, sidebar login, meta, form, register
    Requires at least: 3.0
    Tested up to: 3.4
    Stable tag: 2.4
    License: GPLv3

    When BPS is active logging in with the sidebar login seems to go into a loop. You can not interrupt it, but you can close the tab or click on a link to navigate somewhere else. The only way to log in is with the default (wp-login.php), which I don’t want to use for the members. Any help with this is most welcome. Thanks.

    Plugin Author AITpro


    Sidebar Login Test:
    Theme: WordPress 2011
    WordPress Version: 3.4.1
    BPS: BPS in BulletProof Mode
    Test Time/Duration: 8 minutes
    Result: Not conflict or problems exist between BPS and the Sidbar Login plugin.

    Dragged the Sidebar Login widget to my sidebar in Appearance >>> Widgets. Logged out of the testing site. Logged in successfully using the Sidebar Login Widget. I did not test with using the alternative template tag use: To use the template tag: Add <?php sidebarlogin(); ?> to your template.

    The login process does not automatically redirect me into the wp-admin Dashboard area on login by default, but 3 links: Dashboard, Profile and Logout are displayed in the sidebar and of course the new WP top Admin Bar is displayed. Configured login redirect by going to Settings >>> Sidebar Login and added a redirect login link. On login i was successfully redirected into the wp-admin Dashboard.

    Since everything worked fine in testing then most likely you have a combination of things that is causing a conflict. Please post a link to your website so i can see what might be the specific problem occurring on your website or you can send me the link to your website – info[at]ait-pro[dot]com if you want to keep your website anonymous/private.

    Sending the web url to you via email and some details about the organization of the site. But for the sake of others who might want to see this problem resolved, I’ll post here that the point of the sidebar login is that all admin panels and (most of the time) the default login panel be hidden from the members who have access.

    The login protects forums (bbpress) that only members have access to. Membership is by invitation only, no public signup page. In short, the login via sidebar login went into a loop when BPS was active, when reverted to defaults, the sidebar login worked again.

    Plugin Author AITpro


    Thank you for sending me the complete information and yes this seems to be a very complex problem that either involves some custom coding you have written yourself to perform this complex login process or something in the combination of plugins that you are using to perform this complex login process is actually where the looping is occurring.

    The Sidebar Login plugin was tested and works fine with BPS as it is right out of the box without the additional complex login process involving several other plugins and/or custom coding you are using to accomplish this complex login process so I just want to state clearly here that there is not a direct conflict with the Sidebar Login plugin and BPS.

    Once you send me the additional information i requested i can troubleshoot this complex login process you are using further. My hunch is that you are simulating an RFI/XSS/CSRF hacking attempt by doing some sort of login redirection that is causing BPS to see this redirection as a hacking attempt against your website. BPS only blocks things that are seen as a vulnerability or threat against your website. Thanks.

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