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  • Removed (after saving it) the ht acess file so i can access the website again, but what might have been the cause /? how can i prevent it after updating?

    Plugin Author AITpro


    I see that this is a subdomain site. is this site in a folder named /fanart or are you creating the subdomain by some sort or rewriting or from your host control panel?

    I would like to see what .htaccess code is being created by BPS for your site.
    1. click the secure.htaccess AutoMagic button.
    2. go to the Edit/Upload/Download page
    click on secure.htaccess editor tab and copy ONLY this little bit of code shown below into your reply. I only need to know what your RewriteBase is and do not need to see the rest of your htaccess file coding.

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /
    RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L]


    I’ve got the same error after the last 2 updates, for the 2 blogs I’m hosting (1 main domain and 1 sub-domain).
    I’m using Virtualmin as panel management.
    The .htaccess permissions become “-r—–r– Aug 13 12:14 .htaccess” after each update.

    Plugin Author AITpro


    Ahh ok it looks like then that when the .htaccess file is automatically CHMOD to 404 during the automatic upgrade then this is causing the 403 error.

    The CHMOD 404 is done based on your Server API type, but i have found a few Host’s that strictly disallow using 404 permissions for .htaccess files. Which web host do you have?

    Please post these BPS System Info fields below for your website:

    Server Type:
    Operating System:
    Server API:

    If you change the permissions of your root .htaccess file to 644 does the 403 error still occur?

    Yes, once I change the permissions back to 644, everything is fine.

    Server Type : VPS at
    OS : Debian 5
    Server API : no idea … what is that used for ?
    Multisite: Yes (2 domains, and some subdomain)

    Plugin Author AITpro


    You would find all of your System Information on the BPS System Info page in BPS. Your Host is Strato and I think they have a strict policy on .htaccess files having 644 permissions. Please check with them and post back here thanks.

    Ahhh! Ok 🙂

    Here are the right answers:

    Server Type: Apache/2.2.9 (Debian) DAV/2 SVN/1.5.1 PHP/5.2.6-1+lenny16 with Suhosin-Patch mod_ruby/1.2.6 Ruby/1.8.7(2008-08-11) mod_ssl/2.2.9 OpenSSL/0.9.8g
    Operating System: Linux
    Server API: cgi-fcgi – Your Host Server is using CGI.
    Multisite: Multisite is Not enabled

    Plugin Author AITpro


    Yep all this system info looks fine and 404 permissions should be correct/allowed, but i am pretty sure that Strato does not allow 404 permissions for .htaccess files so check with them so that we can add them to this new list we are starting here >>>

    If there are enough Host’s that are doing this then we will add additional coding to BPS that will not CHMOD 404 based on checking which Host you have. There are 6 that i know of so far out of 100’s.


    I have to MyHosting support for permissions restrictions on .htaccess, and here is there response :

    Thank you for contacting us back.
    We would like to inform you that we do not place any restriction with respect to .htaccess file, you have root privileges to your server hence you can edit permissions accordingly.
    Please check your .htaccess settings accordingly so that the website resolves properly.

    But regarding my configuration if I set permissions to 404, my blog is not working … this is probably due to my Virtualmin/Webmin configuration.

    Plugin Author AITpro


    hmm ok if your host is not explicitly doing this then yeah Virtualmin/Webmin would be the next logical place to check. So give those folks a holler. I have never heard of this app before so i have no idea if it could do this or not. 😉


    Also got the exact same 403 error for my entire site after upgrading to BPS latest version today. Same fix, changing the .htaccess to 644 from 404. Here is my server info:

    Server Type: Apache
    Operating System: Linux
    Server API: cgi-fcgi – Your Host Server is using CGI.
    Multisite: Multisite is Not enabled

    Plugin Author AITpro


    @angslycke – I am adding new coding to BPS (will be added in .47.5) to check by Name Server to not automatically CHMOD to 404 (lock the root .htaccess file) on BPS upgrades. What is the Name Server you have when you look at the BPS System Info page? Thanks.

    DNS Name Server:



    @aitpro – thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately I’m not using BPS any longer, moved to Wordfence. Good luck in your continued development of the plugin!

    Plugin Author AITpro


    Yep Wordfence is a good scanning plugin, but you should also still have website security measures in place such as .htaccess files, php.ini files, etc. Don’t rely on a scanner alone because scanners will ONLY detect the malicious files and not detect the hidden backdoor files >>>

    So create your own .htaccess files and other security measures if you are not going to use BPS. 😉

    @aitpro: thanks for the heads up about that. Guess I’ll have to check out BPS once again. 😉

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