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  • the topic title says it all.

    Are there no proofs or safeguards against absolutely junk “plugins” being offered here???

    First the “import html” plugin fails, producing over 600 pages with “.” as its content in the process of importing five or six HTML pages, which never were imported, then I am stuck with manually deleting these 600 + junk pages because this other plugin is also junk.

    Are there no controls in this place? Is anyone one out there paying any attention????????

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  • For some reason, it has started to work, but seems to max out at 20 “pages.”

    After doing 20 pages at a time a few times, it seems to start adding deleted pages back in and assigning them higher page ID numbers!!!!

    After shoveling the sh*t in this way for an hour or so, I finally deleted the 600 plus pages, but this plugin is sick with bugs.

    Does anything happen when someone puts up a bug ridden “plugin” here ?? Does it get taken down?

    Also, I see for certain plugins, though they most certainly do not work as “advertised,” the “doesn’t work” button on the plugin page also seems to be disabled, and giving it a star leads to the bb error page.

    Good lord, charge some money and provide some service for chrissake. This freeware and deaf/dumb/blind forum service proves the adage you get what you pay for — in this case, nothing!!

    The possible reasons why the Bulk Delete Plugin failed would be that either the PHP process is out of memory or the script has timed out.

    This used to happen if you have huge number of posts to delete and your server is underpowered to handle the load.

    Try out the latest version of Bulk Delete (1.2+). I have added some optimizations to handle load on really under powered servers. Try it out and let me know if you are still facing the same issue.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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