• This plugin is perfect to automate part of the on page SEO on big sites, including WooCommerce sites. Totally recommended.

    Used it on one site and will definitely use it on others!

    Author has multiple plugins that help with SEO, so will definitely look into these as well 😀

    Thank you!

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    Hi @boulosblack (Paul),

    We are very surprised of this behavior … We have exchanged at least 9 emails since you mentioned your issue with Bialty plugin. You mentioned a situation that we knew about but that we were not able to fix ASAP ! Our last email sent yesterday was providing some details about it (and a few tests made with another plugin as a possible way out to fix it).

    Meanwhile you asked for a lot of things:

    Compatibility with WP Geo Directory
    Add an option where the product category(ies) can be added to the alt text

    You even said : “I’m using your premium plugin for BIALTY and so far it’s awesome (except for the little issue in my previous ticket).” …

    Yesterday, considering that you were asking us for updates every week, you finally asked for a refund as apparently our development time was not exclusive to you. We offered a very exclusive solution. But apparently, it was not enough.

    We provided the best support we could. And we have always been dedicated at finding solutions and providing advices. But again, it was not enough…

    We trully believe that we did our best to satisfy your needs.

    Whish you the best with your business !

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    *Reads. Has more coffee.*

    So… this is feedback. But it also runs close to a conversation about refunds and that’s not a topic for this site. On top of that, the author can’t support or have support conversations here about the “pro” version here. They are not allowed, no one is.

    *Drinks much more coffee*

    I’m going to leave the review but close it from further replies. Someone left a review, the author replied well. That’s all a visitor needs to see here.

    If the reviewer wishes to revise their review then they can do so with this link.


    If they do revise it, do not use the review as a stick to get a refund or support. An edit like that will get this review archived. That’s not appropriate here either and extortion is an ugly word.

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