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  • I was having the same problem on a local installation of WordPress, but when I installed the plugin on a live server, the “BP Compatibility” option showed up.

    Having the same problem. I tried installing on a local install and live server but I’m getting nothing?

    Can anyone help?

    I was having the same problem and after reading this post a few seconds ago I found the solution. Go to dash board area in admin panel and check for Buddypress setup. Then go through the steps. Once on the theme tab of the setup process, you will be asked to chose a theme and your current theme will be a choice. Make sure to have activated the Template pack plugin. Complete all steps and you’re done.

    Having the same issues with the install not displaying any ‘BP Compatibility’ appearing in the Appearance panel or the WP Dashboard. the plug-in does say its compatible up to WordPress 3.3.1 so I guess its something that’s pending a fix for current versions of WordPress.

    Same problem. I installed the latest BP Template Pack, but it does not show up in the “Appearance” menu, or anywhere else. There is nothing in the dashboard either (as was mentioned above).

    HELP, I need BuddyPress.


    First you need to install the Budy Press Plugin.
    In second time “BuddyPress Template Pack”

    An option in the header of the dashboard will appear.
    Just click on it

    After you check all your option in a last time your theme.
    At the end the “BP compatibility” appaear in “Appearance”

    First off, this” Adding support for BuddyPress to your existing WordPress theme is a straightforward process.” Is a HUGE lie.

    Second, when you install the BP compatibility pack, it starts at Step 3. Where are steps 1 and 2?

    Third, why are the template folders of the plug in empty? If you download the compatibility pack straight from the plug in repository,the Template folder is completely empty. Just more folders. No files.

    Fourth: The latest version of BP claims to be compatible with all themes now. They say “It just works”. No it doesn’t.

    I remember a while back you used to have to move the template files into your theme files, but since there are no template files, and the installer starts at Step 3, I’m pretty lost and pretty pissed off now.

    I don’t see any of the things that everyone keeps saying are there and to “click on”. There was no set up process. It didn’t ask me to choose a theme. None of that.

    Plugin Author r-a-y



    If you are new to BuddyPress, you should not be using this plugin.

    BP 1.7 adds theme support natively. This plugin is only for older versions.

    To revert what BP Template Pack did, follow this guide:

    I’ll add a sticky post to this forum about this.

    Ah! I see the problem now. The client had already tried the template pack in the past so those folders where already there.

    So when I installed the current version of BP it wasn’t working, so I mistakenly thought that the template pack was my only option.

    I just removed the folders and now the current version of BP does indeed work with the theme.

    Thanks r-a-y.



    Thank for this and my site is actually loading faster now that I removed the folder and deactivated BP Template pack.

    Just another question, I use cube points, so everything in my activity pages is now displaying fine in my theme, except for cubepoints, any idea how I can have it displayed the same as the buddypress features?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi r-a-y

    I’m afraid your great plug-in perhaps is still necessary.

    I buyed a premiun Goodlayers theme last week called WorldWide. I installed it with WP 3.5.1 and added Buddypress 1.7.2.

    The theme looks great, but I’m afraid it’s not compatible with Buddypress. I’m not talking just about the layout (a lot of things look disordered) but basic functionality like creatings groups!
    I also have several 301 and 302 errors when refreshing the pages.

    Any information about other incompatibilities?
    Any idea how to solve it?


    Daniel did you ever solve that issue? I’m playing with a similar theme from GL?

    Yes, it is almost solved now, but a had to pay somebody to fix it ;-(

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