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  • WeirdMike


    I, for the last damn week have been running into issues left and right trying to get my WP themes to work (the ones that are BP ready), and just problems on top of problems. Finally, I deactivated all my plugins, then 1 by 1 turned them back on. The culprit is this stupid Template Pack. Once I got rid of that plugin, BOOM! Every theme I had trouble with now works perfectly. I recommend not even thinking of installing this crap unless you’ve already built your site up in the default theme (I don’t mean changing the look and layouts, just basic page adding and widget organizing), then switching through your themes, I bet you’ll find they all work flawlessly without needing to add this screwy plug-in. This is the kind of crap that pisses me off that WP informs you of needing. If they keep this up, I may have to find a new CMS.

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  • Plugin Author r-a-y


    You don’t need the BuddyPress Template Pack if you built your themes to be BuddyPress-ready (as you say).

    It helps to give clear directions to duplicate your problem instead of going on a tirade.

    BuddyPress Template Pack is crap.
    When you tell someone not to go on a “tirade”, it only means that you don’t have a compassionate bone in your body. You just can’t relate!
    Don’t go getting defensive. If you can’t help, SHUT UP! What in your reply offers any kind of support? You suck like the BuddyPress Template Pack.
    5 Days wasted because no one is this whole community can tell you how to correct the alignment issues. That’s it? And every one posts and re-posts the same crappy tutorial. If you have to be an expert at HTML, and a super coder, then maybe that should be stated on the plugin page. What a waste of time. You and the BuddyPress Template Pack deserve eachother.



    Thank you Simpson!



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    @splendidangst – when you create a child theme of the BuddyPress Default Theme, you DO NOT install and activate BP Template Pack which is supposted to make a WordPress theme compatible with BuddyPress.

    @simpsonpw – if your posts are unanswered after 24 hours, you are free to bump your topic.

    @splendidangst and @simpsonpw – What you are not free to do is abuse and and try to gang up on the plugin dev for a perfectly working plugin which you didn’t know how to use.

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    mercime, not sure where you go the info about bumping from, but it isn’t encouraged:

    SplendidAngst & simpsonpw Please keep your posts civil. This is a friendly forum where people help each other. Introducing bitterness & conflict into it helps no one.

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