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  • I’m a non-geek, and my grasp of all under-the-hood operations is very sparse. So please speak slowly in plain English …

    I ran step 1 and got the feedback saying it had worked beautifully and jumped me straight to step 3. Something has certainly happened right inasmuch as the main pages on the original wordpress site are displaying correctly with bp activated, which wasn’t the case before. But the bp pages are certainly not looking good. Clearly step 3 is meant to resolve this, but that’s where I’m confused and stuck …

    Step 3 instructions refer to “the BuddyPress templates that you copied into your theme”. I’m assuming this refers to something that step 1 or step 2 would have done? But anyway, if I’ve read that correctly I should now have copies of the listed bp-….. folders and files in my “wp-content / themes / my_custom_theme” folder. Is that correct? Well that’s not what I have. I have found the bp-templates in the plugins folder, but I take it those are the “originals” rather than the copies I’m supposed to edit. Is that right?

    Can / should I manually copy some of these bp template pack files to my theme? Which ones to where?

    I think I’ll also need help with the html editing itself, but let’s take this one step at a time … Can some kind patient geek please come and rescue me. Thanks.

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  • Experiencing the same issue. None of the files listed that need to be changed seem to have transferred over, even thought transfer was complete.

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