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  • Yes, I too have the same problem. I am Using WordPress 2.9.2 and I disabled admin bar in wp-content.php.


    Hey Finally I got solution for my problem. I need to add code
    <?php if(function_exists(updateHeader)) updateHeader(); ?>

    in my header.php file Immediately after the <body> tag . Now Its Working Perfect. Gold star to it.



    I am just learning my way around WordPress and came across this plugin and it sounds like you may have had the same issue I have. The grey bar at the top of buddypress goes in front of the sliding panel. I can’t seem to find the header.php file to follow your steps.

    Can you help me please?



    Tynion, instead of hunting through the files to make the adjustment to remove the default admin bar, you could try installing a plugin that does this. Just search in the plugins directory for “remove bar” and you should see one of them toward the beginning of the list. Install it and it should get rid of the default bar.

    I’ve disabled admin bar and also I add that code to header, but when I try active the plugin, it gives me a blank page and nothing works anymore until I delete it.

    I’m using WordPress 3.0.4.

    With WP 3.1.2 and BP 1.2.8 the plugin did not work with either BuddyBass theme or the standard BuddyPress Theme. I added the code as Trivikrama suggested (good move) :

    52         <body <?php body_class() ?> id="bp-default">
    53           <?php if(function_exists(updateHeader)) updateHeader(); ?>
    55                 <?php do_action( 'bp_before_header' ) ?>

    But neither the tab nor any sliding window appears. I am running in multi-site, multi-user mode if that makes a difference.

    Plugin Author Sarah Gooding


    Hey I just updated the 1.2 files … it was missing the images and javascript folders. I hope that helps! You shouldn’t need the added part in the header at all.

    Brilliant! The included sub-folders made all the difference.
    I looked at the css and I thought something was missing …….
    Now I have a new issue — the pop down login is appearing behind the main menu in the theme. Is there a Z-index I should set? I notice that#iRToppanel{ position:absolute;top:0;left:0; width:100%;z-index:999;
    and yet this is what it looks like.
    Thanks for this majorly cool plugin. Absolutely double-plus cool.

    Plugin Author Sarah Gooding


    Yeah there will be some theme adjustments some people have to make because of themes – play around with the z-index – maybe bump it up a few numbers. Looks like a z-index issue for sure.

    changing z-index to 1001 in style.css did the trick.
    Double-plus chuffed!

    Thanks Sarah, this is a real UI help for teaching faculty.
    All I have to do now is to figure out how to disable the ‘Sign Up now’ and change ‘Forgot your password’ since we’re using LDAP authentication.

    Plugin Author Sarah Gooding


    Glad you’ve got it working! All changes can be made in the update-content.php file. Scroll down to the middle where you see the comment: // Else if user is not logged in, show login and register forms

    and then you can remove any items that you don’t need, replace with an image or text or whatever or leave it blank.

    Brilliant. Thanks.
    I would add a link to my site but it’s still in development and behind an asbestos firewall 🙂


    I’m getting this error…
    Any idea?

    The plugin have been working pretty good on my local server, but getting an error like this on website.
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bp_get_friendship_requests() in /home/gobeatni/public_html/wp-content/plugins/buddypress-sliding-login-panel/update-content.php on line 111

    Any help?
    My both installations are same versions and use the same plugins on both sites.

    I am getting a strange overlay issue with the plugin… can you take a look for me… it seems that my header is laying over the AJAX dropdown. I will leave it this way over the weekend.. hopefully you can see it.. but i will take the plugin out on monday. Please help!

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