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  • I also second that statement. I haven’t been able to use this plugin, but from what I’ve seen with the screenshots. I was quite impressed…then I saw the feedback =/

    I figured I would reply considering your last question. I took a quick look at the plugin, and it seems fairly simple, but I haven’t got the time to look deep into it and debug it. Plus, I’m currently still working on updating my own plugin.

    …but if you wanted to try and troubleshoot it or attempt to fix the problem…and I don’t even know what kind of experience you currently have. The quickest way, so far, is to locate and debug the scripts. With Chrome you just right-click->inspect element, click scripts, and then locate where the plugin’s scripts are. You may have to refresh the page after inspecting to see the scripts. If the problem doesn’t exist in the scripting (which, btw, the plugin uses quite a bit of scripting, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it is the problem), then you’ll have to debug the php part of it (which may also include debugging in WP files).

    To debug in php I would recommend setting up a localhost on your computer, installing XDebug, and installing an IDE (preferably Netbeans). For a beginner, it’s not something you would consider easy, and after have saying all this. I wouldn’t be surprised if I turned you away from it. Although I would encourage it.

    Anyways, I hope Pollyplummer continues this plugin. I just wish I had a chance to be able to personally check it out. For now I gotta move on…


    Thanks for your input!

    Although I’m a total n00b when it comes to debugging scripts, I’m really good at copy-pasting :o)

    While continuing my search of the repo, I found a perfectly adequate solution with another plugin: SuperSlider-Login

    Simply swapped out the WP-dashboard links in that plugin’s slider with BP-profile ones. It works like a charm!

    That’s a pretty interesting solution xP

    Although I hope everything matches up fine for you. I haven’t looked much into the other plugin, but I might end up giving that a shot as well.


    If you want to take it for a spin, here’s a download link for the replacement file I created. Use the file in the zip to overwrite the file of the same name in the plugin.

    Note that there a few hardcoded things in the replacement file that you might want to edit or delete. A custom profile link at line 46, and an image at line 173 that displays beneath the logged-out welcome message.

    Have fun! :o)

    Just advised on another forum that the download link at YouSendIt seems to not work. If it doesn’t, try this one from 4shared:

    when I activated this plug in, my featured content excerpts became… overlapped? or smushed all into one line…

    is there a way i can keep this from happening?

    here’s the site (still in the works):

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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