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    I am having difficulty figuring out how to make my comments in the grade book visible to students. Currently, they are able to see only the grade. When I have made comments–private and public–neither they nor I can see them anywhere on the site. I have enable “private responses,” but other than this, I cannot think of what I am missing. Any help you could offer would be appreciated.

    Thank you

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  • Fixed in the new version. (Release soon!)

    This doesn’t seem to be fixed because my students still can’t see any of my comment – public or private – and I’ve selected global settings. Hopefully this will be fixed on the upgrade coming up in 12+ days.

    Another thing I just noticed: I added a quiz question, updated the assignment, and then decided I didn’t want to the question, so I removed it. However, after updating the assignment the question reappears. I’ve removed it several times and it just won’t go away. I now have to recreate the assignment and delete the one that won’t work. Hopefully that can also be addressed on the upgrade.

    And I would still LOVE to have open-ended, essay-type questions available for the assignments where the instructor can manually mark them right or wrong versus automatically being marked. Some questions require human interaction. As it stands right now, I have to create a separate page (which isn’t private unless I password protect the page…very inconvenient for any student who has to take a test) and create a survey form on that page as the essay-type assignment for the course. It works find except it isn’t connected to the BuddyPress Courseware, so the student will not see any progress on their handed in assignments until I manually go in and make changes to the gradebook.

    I know I’m grading them manually anyway, but the immediate gratification for the student is not there. “Yay! I completed an assignment.”

    That’s my two pence.

    I agree with Arial, this is a brilliant plugin but being able to assign a grade to a response would be a great help.

    Why is this marked as resolved? I don’t see an adequate response here or a link to where the same question is answered!

    Hi guys,
    this is solved because the fix is available in the codebase:

    @arial, please report new issues at ^^


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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