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  • Resolved rslayer


    BP Registration Options is completely broken when upgrading to BuddyPress 1.5. He’s how to fix it:

    Open “bp-registration-options.php” in your favorite editor.

    On line 6:
    replace if ( !is_site_admin() )
    by if ( !is_super_admin() )

    On line 675 and 1592:
    replace $is_bp_dir = $bp->root_components;
    by $is_bp_dir = array_keys($bp->active_components);

    That should do the trick.

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  • I get a white screen after using your suggestion 🙁

    It seems to have worked for me!
    Had a white screen for a while then it went and all ok so far.

    Although I don’t get the white screen (or any errors for that matter), users are still able to register without any moderation. I’m not getting any notification that a new member has registered.
    Any ideas?

    This totally works! Thank you so much for posting this easy fix, as this is a very very important plugin for us. This keeps the spammers out! Thanks again, @rslayer x 1 million!

    This fix gets the plugin so that no errors are reported but I now have new members being automatically approved rather waiting to be approved.

    Really need a fix from Author for Buddypress 1.5

    Hi everyone, I made the fix suggested by rslayer and the plugin now works, but the normal activation process works too. Where am I wrong?



    I’m desperate for a solution to this…. need to get this thing up and running by morning… stressed…

    I’m willing to throw some money at this – I don’t have much… but I’m really, really desperate for this to work with 1.5


    For me works. If someone have a question, I’m here trying to solve it.



    @mattcav what did you do to solve it? I followed rslayer’s fix but it did nothing. Users are still getting in without my approval.

    well… I’ve followed the rslayer’s suggestions and simply it works.

    Actually, this solution is just about changing the old bp bp->root_components; with the new $bp->active_components). If you take a look to the code, you can see the plugin si checking if the user is an “approved” member, and if is not, he is redirect to his profile (the only bp page that a ‘pending’ member can see)

    I’m running WP 3.3.1 and BP 1.5.4

    I’ve also customized some BP default messages, so if you try to register an account on my website, the system says something like: “hey, now you have to wait for an approval by admins!”. If you can try to log in to the site, you can see your profile but NOT the members, forums, groups directories (and other bp’s components).

    So yes: the user is registered, BUT he can’t see bp pages until his account is approved. It means that the function is_user_logged_in returns TRUE for him, but if you’re searching for something that just hide the BP pages until the member is approved, this solution could be good enough.

    If you’re interested about it, I can share my code (but is hard-translated in Italian…)



    I followed rslayers information also but I still get users who can login AND see BP pages. What are you using to secure your BP pages from being accessed?

    My user can register, login and see every page.

    I am using WordPress 3.3.1 and Buddypress 1.5.4 also.

    That’s my code. Try to upload it on your /plugins/bp-registration-options/ folder and let me know.



    Again, no luck. But thank you for your help. I hope the developer updates it one day!

    Thanks rslayer – seems to fix the issue.
    I’ll keep an eye on the error logs to monitor.

    I run a private site and I use strong user moderation on it. I still need BP email activation, but provide zero access until I approve a user.
    The way I do it is by limiting URL wildcards and specific menu items using “Membership Preimum” plugin by

    I did the fixes as suggested and although it would seem like it is working, I want buddypress as a private community and when i check that option, it still is NOT private…any thoughts?

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