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  • Please answer soon, thanks a lot.

    But the problem I have it when I share on facebook, is with the post of the homepage that are public and visible to registered and unregistered users. Moreover even if one is registered not sharing my work well, so you said before. Also at $ ALLOWED_URIS array I have also ‘/ 2010 / *’ to prevent any blockage of access to news of 2010.

    In the post I copied my own Could you tell me if I have it right so that feeds are not affected by the plugin?

    Thank you very much.

    is strange with a new post, when i share it, all is ok now , but with de last post i publiqued no work good.

    IF go well with the next publication or post, that´s all well, thanks. We´ll see.

    Hello, I am using BuddyPress Private Community, and it works great, but I need to allow people to register for my site, and it’s redirecting to the login page! I’m using Absolute Privacy as well, so people can create their own profiles and logins, but the Private Community is not allowing people to register. How can I change it so registration is open to anyone, but the rest of the site is blocked unless users are logged in?

    The problem I’m having is on this page:

    Thank you in advance for your help!!

    Put /activate?key=* and /register on your Allowed_Uris Config.

    '/my-landing-page', '/register', '/activate?key=*'
    MM_BUDDYPRESS_PRIVATE_COMMUNITY::$REDIRECT_TO_URL = site_url() . '/my-landing-page';


    I’m not sure how to do this…. I went into the code, but I don’t know the correct way or place to insert this. Can you help? I appreciate it so much!

    Plugin Author NipponMonkey


    @jessicaswift, do you have a customized config file set-up?

    That is where your changes must go to override the default settings of the plugin.

    You can find out how to make a custom config file and all of the settings that you can change in the plugin’s FAQs:

    Check out:
    How can I override the default settings? &
    How can I allow members to automatically register to my private community?

    I haven’t tried the plugin with the Absolute Privacy plugin, so you might have to change the config file to allow additional URIs to get it up and running how you’d like it to.

    You can add any number of public URLs that you’d like to allow users access to, this can be URIs to pages, posts or to activation URIs like ‘/activate?key=*’ (see FAQs)

    The plugin is very flexible and can be configured to work however you’d like it to work, but you have to read the instructions to ensure you set it up right.

    You can check out more information in the BuddyPress forum too:

    Is there a way to restrict a URL rather than using the Allowed_URL way.

    Hello. I think I may be having a similar issue. For some reason there is no option for people to register… only login: When i click the login it goes to the WP admin login page. Please advise. Thanks!

    On my private buddypress site when users register the email for activation opens a page that says there was an error “There was an error activating your account, please try again.
    Activate your Account. Please provide a valid activation key.”

    The activation key does not seem to work. What is worse is that I cannot manually go into the BuddyPress and active the user from the “pending activations” list because the user is not listed. The user is already in the user table but the role is set to None and I cannot manually edit the role to something like Contributor, any ideas?

    Plugin Author NipponMonkey


    Hmmmm… Works fine on my sites…

    Can you give me more information, what version of WP and BP are you using? Also, what version of PHP are you using?

    If you have any error messages in you server log related to the issues, could you provide them too.

    Finally, can you show me the config file you’re using? Have you allowed access to the activation urls, so they aren’t blocked?

    This might help too:



    I currently have wordpress 3.1.2 install with buddypress 1.2.8 install, I am trying to make the buddypress private community to work on my site for some reason i cant get it to work properly, i create the configuration file in the right directory but its still not working properly. i was wondering how i could get the widget id to unblock them, and what is the specific format should i go about doing that. im using the theme my login widget for user to log in on the site, and also my register page is block as well the redirection link if not working either, anyone has a working configuration file i can try.

    Thanks in advance guys,

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