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    Hi, I have an issue with video upload on Media 2.0, – ‘the MP4 file you have uploaded is using an unsupported video codec. Supported video codec is H.264’. I subscribed to the forum but it says that I can’t post at the moment. Can you tell me how I can get some help with this issue, either a pointer to help resource or paid support. Thank you in advance. David

    Additional notes: wp3.4.1 multisite with Buddypress 2.6
    Image upload works OK, H.264 fails
    I’ve tried to gather from documentation if Kaltura Community Edition (CE) is still required with BuddyPress Media Component v2.0 but I cannot find any concise documentation for this latest version. *I do not get any Kaltura partner fields in wp-admin/network/admin.php?page=bp-media-settings

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  • Plugin Contributor Gagan Deep Singh


    @okso: I tried to re-create the memory problem you faced, I set up a ubuntu server with 256 MB RAM and 1 core, used Apache2(2.2.14) restricting the memory size to be 128MB and uploaded a 350MB file, it didn’t got the error even then, since the getID3 library uses only a few KBs of info(I looked into it in detail) and do not actually parse the entire file, I don’t think its possible for it to cause any Memory Overflow problem. Still I’ll test a few more times with different configurations, in the hope I might find your error.

    hi Gagan Deep, can I dm you with a link, will it be easier for you to see whats going on this way? d

    PHP version is 5.3.3
    Parallels Plesk Panel v11.0.9_build110120608.16 os_CentOS 6
    OS CentOS 6.2 (Final)
    httpd 2.2.15-15.el6.centos.1
    phpini 128M
    post_max_size/upload_max_filesize 128M
    (max_execution_time/max_input_time) not set *what do you recommend?
    safe mode off

    WP 3.4.1
    BP 1.6.1
    BBPress 2.1.2

    WP debug: Notice: Undefined property: BP_Media_Host_Wordpress::$post_type in /wp-includes/post.php on line 819

    WP debug on upload of small file reporting BP Media ‘Success’, Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /wp-includes/ms-blogs.php on line 703

    *this is the root site on multisite setup

    WP debug on /videos/watch/1106/ OK
    WP debug on /members/membername/videos/ Notice: Undefined property: BP_Media_Host_Wordpress::$post_type in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 819

    In admin bp activity /wp-admin/network/admin.php?page=bp-activity I see [bp_media_content id=”1106″] with view activity url ‘http://bp_media_urlid%3D1106/’

    Plugin Contributor Gagan Deep Singh


    @okso: Thanks for providing with these reports, about the admin part, its changed since BuddyPress 1.6 and I guess we need to add a way so that activities of bp-media can be easily managed from backend.

    About the multisite thing, I guess I need to check it more thoroughly in a multisite environment, which I’ll be doing in the morning(its 1am IST) I’ll keep you updated on the results and fixes we’ll make.

    Hi Gagan, not to trouble you, I just wondered if you’d made any progress on this.

    Plugin Contributor Gagan Deep Singh


    @okso: Buddy, I had setup a multisite installation(subdirectory structure) and tried to replicate your problem but never got the Notice message you mentioned.

    Plugin Contributor Gagan Deep Singh


    @okso: Try it with the new release of the plugin and let us know if it still gives the same error.

    Hi, thanks for update.

    Network admin bugs are still there

    Also, repeated test with 65Mb.mp4, the connection reset problem occurred again.

    Plugin Contributor Gagan Deep Singh


    The screenshot you’ve given is showing the content of the activity which basically is a shortcode as of now. In our next release we’ll be making the content static then you’ll see audio, video or image tag instead of those shortcodes.
    Also here’s how I tested it:
    Installed the Multisite with subfolder structure.
    Installed BPM on the main whole network.

    I guess I need to test it by enabling it only on a child site instead of whole network and see if it works or not.

    Hi Gagan, would you like direct access to my site? If I go for smaller files circa 15Mbs I can get it to complete. As soon as the file size gets bigger I get the ‘connection reset’ error. Does this infer some intricacy with holding the connection open longer? I have Rahul’s mail, shall I set up a user for you?

    Plugin Contributor Gagan Deep Singh


    @david: The thing is, connection reset happens depending upon the configuration of your server’s php.ini file
    look for these values:
    max_execution_time = 300000
    max_input_time = 300000
    memory_limit = 256M

    Increase the timeouts to the point where you can upload that 65 MB file to the server with your internet connection(eg, 2MBPS internet connection will take around 300 seconds).

    Hi Gagan,
    here’s my values:
    max_execution_time = 900000
    max_input_time =900000
    memory_limit = 256M
    I’ve sent the server error log to Raul.

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