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    Update: I found the ‘Lock User In’ link next the members name under Group/Admin/Members and was able to lock members in.

    Is there anyway to make ‘Locked In’ the default setting when new members are added to a group so that it does not need to be set each time?

    Note: I still do not have a BP Group Management admin menu item. So maybe the settings are in there.

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    Plugin Author David Dean


    Hi Eric,

    Is the problem you were originally reporting that activating this plugin hid the BP Group Management admin menu? Or that it broke your dashboard? Or was it just that there were no new admin menu items?

    I just want to make sure that a bug doesn’t slip through the cracks here. 🙂

    There is not currently a way to have a group lock users in by default. That’s a good idea for a future release, though.

    – David

    Thread Starter Eric Langley



    There was simply no admin menu items for the plugin. I have seen this issue with other BuddyPress Group based plugins, specifically bp-group-management. For that plugin I ended up going to the URL for the admin page directly.

    The issue appears to be related to having BuddyPress installed with multiblog enabled and a work around for Group Forums. Here is how I installed BuddyPress to get Groups Forums working correctly with BuddyPress MultiNetwork (Brajesh Singh version)

    At the network level;
    1- Did not enable multiblog
    2- Install and activate BuddyPress plugin and setup the Groups Forums.
    3- Enable multiblog
    5- Installed and activated BP Multi Network (Brajesh Singh version) This moves the Buddy Press Admin menu to the site level which is where the Group plugs are failing
    6- Recreate the BuddyPress pages

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    I’m struggling to figure out how to make this plugin work? I’ve got it installed and activated ok but cant find any way to set it up?

    I have BP1.71, as suggested I looked at BP Group Management but it states for for users of BuddyPress 1.7+. Instead, use BP’s Groups panel in the Dashboard.

    I’ve looked in the groups page on my dash but cant see anyway of setting up the plugin.

    Any help greatly appreciated, this whole WP/BP thing is totally new to me and my brain is dribbling out of my ears due to overload! 😉



    Plugin Author David Dean


    Hi tim_marston –

    No set up is required! 🙂

    This plugin doesn’t work with the BP “Groups” dashboard page yet. I didn’t realize BP Group Management was being discontinued (although it makes sense), but I’ll have to update it to support that.

    In the mean time you can access the Lock feature by browsing to your group on the site, selecting Admin from the nav tabs, and then selecting Members from the subnav options.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    – David

    Plugin Author David Dean


    Anyone looking for info on BP 1.7: The BP1.7 Groups dashboard page doesn’t yet have a hook for adding custom actions to the members list.

    I was going to open a ticket to add one, but one has already been added to trunk. 🙂 However it is not in any released BP version.

    This plugin will not be compatible with the BP 1.7+ Groups dashboard page until a version of BP with that hook is released.

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