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  • Plugin Author MrMaz


    That is pretty weird. The WordPress function I use to generate the slug is supposed to be converting those special characters to standard alphabet. Maybe something has changed in more recent versions, I will open a ticket and take a look soon.

    Could you please tell me which is this wordpress function that you’re talking about, and where I can find it ?

    Let me know about the ticket you posted.
    Many thanks.

    Plugin Author MrMaz


    The WordPress API function is sanitize_title_with_dashes()

    I pass the Name/Title to that function to create the slug something like this:

    $link->slug = sanitize_title_with_dashes( $name );

    I always thought that removed special characters, but WordPress has made a big push towards being 100% UTF-8 compliant for everything, so they might have backed off replacing some of the characters recently? I’m not sure.

    Oh, interesting,
    It could be a part of a big problem that concern all the european people who works with WordPress. I’m very curious about that.

    Let us know.
    Many thanks for your investigation.

    Plugin Author MrMaz


    Its actually a VERY good thing for people who operate websites in a language with extended or accent characters. I’m sure there are no issues with a vanilla WordPress install. The problems occur when plugin authors like myself don’t keep up with tweaks to the API.

    When I originally wrote the code, I copied exactly how WordPress was creating a post slug. Its apparent that has changed since I wrote it, so I need to take a look at the current code and bring it up to date.

    Ok, so I suppose I just have to wait the next release of BuddyPress Links.
    Again, thanks for your help.

    Plugin Author MrMaz


    Just release version 0.6.6 which I believe fixes this.

    Please take a look at the pro version! Buying the pro version is the best way you can support the development of this plugin. You get some awesome additional features (like groups integration) and support to go along with it 😉

    It works like a charm !

    Thank you very much, I will now be able to make some developments around this website project. If it’s a success, I’ll seriously consider to take a pro version of the plugin.

    Wish you the best for your next projects.

    Plugin Author MrMaz


    Glad it works, thanks for taking the time to help with the bug!

    I’m going to close this issue now. Good luck with your projects!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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