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  • On the most current version 3.1 the shadowbox effect to play videos does not work. Im sure its a simple fix, but when you click the play button, the shadow comes up but the videos (YouTube) does not play.

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  • I am experiencing this as well.
    Can anyone think of a workaround?
    Sometimes I hate WordPress upgrades!


    Same here. Any fixes yet?

    Just added this to the line 49 of the global.js file
    and it worked



    You added a link to this post into your global.js file?

    Or is this a mistake?

    I’m having this problem and I’d love to find a fix.

    I found a fix for my problem.
    I went into the settings and keep trying different Javascript Library’s.
    Then it worked. Mine works using JQuery.
    I hope this works for everyone else.

    Be Well



    Which settings; where did you go to find the settings options?

    Sorry not sure why I pasted that link in, late night!

    Right the main problem was that the containing div was hidden, so I set it to show using jquery


    and it worked. You should be able to add this to the template file or the global.js which is the the plugin folder

    Look for Shadowbox JS under setting in the left of the dashboard.
    Click on that and it will open up the Shadowbox control panel.

    You don’t have to mess with the code.
    You can choose that setting in the Shadowbox JS control panel



    Thanks guys.
    I did several things and it began to work.

    The thing I found that probably did it for me was updating jquery.colorbox-min.js to the latest version, since the wordpress update probably replaced their version.

    @primated This particular site of mine doesn’t use the shadowbox plugin, therefore that is why I couldn’t find these settings. Thanks for clarifying.

    @jamessy I tried your fix with the update first and it worked, and then for clarifications sake, I removed it and it still worked. I placed it back because it doesn’t seem to cause any harm and it may help with functionality.

    So for everyone, another fix is to update jquery.colorbox-min.js to the latest version which is available at

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.



    What I meant to say is –WordPress updated their jquery and made this colorbox version invalid.




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    Cam, thanks for sharing your solution at the BuddyPress BP Links forums




    You’re welcome.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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