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  • Plugin Author Mike Martel


    Hi Quint. I can’t reproduce your problem here, can you give more details? On my install the extra posts do generate a hovercard. If the hovercard has not been loaded on this page before, it shows the elipsis (…) while it’s fetching the hovercard using AJAX. A second later the hovercard shows up.

    hi, same issue on my localhost with a child theme of bp-default:

    WP 3.4 BP 1.5.5 (multisite/network);
    WP 3.4.1 BP 1.5.6 (multisite/network).

    Ok, after a bit of testing I can 100% say that in my case issue is in functions.php of my child theme, exactly:

    add_filter( 'show_admin_bar', '__return_true' );

    If I remove it, hovercards for preloaded avatars are working again. The only issue – now I don’t have wp admin bar 🙂
    Tried to move this filter to bp-custom.php, didn’t help.

    Would be great if you know some workaround, Mike. Thanks for the great plugin, anyway!

    Looks like this is another conflict between admin-bar.js and tipsy.js.

    It is a conflict with admin-bar.js for sure. Any fix? thanks!

    Plugin Author Mike Martel


    The problem turned out to be the WP admin bar. I updated the plugin to v0.95 to contain the fix for this bug!

    Kudos to James for finding out the source of the problem.

    FYI: I’ve installed the latest update but I am getting the same results. I’ve also tried using the filter to show specific activity types: If any one of those are selected, the hover card will not display even when looking at only the first page of results.

    Plugin Author Mike Martel


    Sorry to hear that Quint. Are you using the WP Admin bar or the Buddybar?

    Then, please let me know what versions of BP / WP your are using to help me debug this problem, as I can’t reproduce the problem now.


    Hello Mike,

    Yes, the WP Admin bar is turned on by default.

    WP: 3.4.1
    BP: 1.6 Beta 1

    If you’d like admin access to my non-production site, provide an email address and I’ll forward credentials.



    on WP 3.4.1 BP 1.5.6 (multisite) I do not have any problems with “load more” anymore (as was described in the beginning of the thread), but issue with activity filters is still there. Conflict is because of wp admin bar again. thanks!

    Plugin Author Mike Martel


    Hi guys, was testing in the wrong install, with the WP admin bar I can reproduce the filter problem, will fix that later today.

    @quint: I’m pretty sure it’s BP1.6 Beta 1 w/ wp admin bar that’s causing a problem. The fix I put in yesterday for the WP admin bar was not too solid a fix, hope to find the root of the conflict between the hovercards and the admin bar tonight.

    Plugin Author Mike Martel


    Hi guys, thank you for all your feedback. Everything should be working now in v0.9.6. Tested for use with BP1.5.6, BP1.6 Beta 1 and the newly released beta 2, using the WP Admin bar (all with WP 3.4.1).

    It reinstates the hovercards at every request for activities, so thanks to your feedback this aspect of the plugin should now be (almost) foolproof.

    Do let me know anything’s still not working 🙂

    Edit: one thing though, that I think will bother testers more than end-users.. after an AJAX request (so ‘Load More’ or selecting filters), the plugin is only activated after one second. So when you’re zealously testing and the hovercard doesn’t show up, remove your pointer from the avatar and bring it back over it 😉

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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