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  • First, this plugin is awesome and has become essential to my site. I am fighting a very frustrating problem though with Daily Digest emails not sending to most (but not all) users.

    I have about 30 plus users on Daily Digest. I moved the website to a dedicated server and since that time most no longer get the daily digest. The website name stayed the same and more confusing yet is there is no consistency. I am not even sure that the server move has anything to do with it.

    I have not updated wordpress or a single thing on the site in probably 6 weeks, except I did just recently update this plugin

    Here is what I know/checked. I have 2 users that were getting daily digest and no longer are. I have even created a test email account to “live” in between for testing to make sure not a spam issue. They get email when set to All Email, but not on daily digest. I have removed them from the group, re-added them to the group, changed email settings and nothing has worked.

    My account, and at least 2 others, are getting the updates. I have worked with hostgator and looked at the mail logs and it appears the emails are simply not being generated.

    I am not sure where else to go with this. Is there a way to somehow reset some of these users to re-activate. Is there a table I should refer to? I can go into the group and see them set to Daily Digest and I can logon as them as well and see it, so they look like they are setup right. When I go to the URL test it doesn’t show them as waiting to get the email like it used to.

    Of course my main concern is the site has 150 users and 30 plus groups with all sorts of different settings, so I can’t really lose those settings. Any advice on next logical steps would be fantastic as this is quickly becoming not so good.

    Thanks, David

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  • Plugin Author Boone Gorges


    David – It’s very hard to tell what’s going on here without access to more server information. Is there any chance that you can access your server’s PHP/Apache/mail error logs for around the time when a Daily Digest is sent? That would help me to see whether it’s a timeout issue, or something like that.

    Thanks for the quick response and yes, I figured that would be tough. Below is what HostGator took a look at and they also looked for any errors and said they couldn’t find any (I just removed portions of the customer address below). I am also going to SSH in and see what extra details I can find. From the sum=1 page it almost appears it isn’t seeing the users as even setup for daily digest so it never gets to the mail creation phase.

    The folder is in /var/log You would ssh in and then do the following cd /var/log this will only work on your VPS. Below is what is currently showing for the mail logs for the plugin

    2012-02-02 17:08:10 1Rt5lC-00010h-RJ <= U=denver P=local S=20553 T=”Your daily digest of group activity [Denver Therapists Network]” from <> for
    2012-02-03 17:06:34 1RtSDC-0001xS-Uw <= U=denver P=local S=5664 T=”Your daily digest of group activity [Denver Therapists Network]” from <> for

    2012-02-04 17:36:16 1Rtp9U-0002RB-25 <= U=denver P=local S=15110 T=”Your daily digest of group activity [Denver Therapists Network]” from <> for suppor*

    Please let us know if you have any questions we will gladly assist.

    Plugin Author Dwenaus


    another angle: i wonder if during the move the user meta setting that store’s each user’s group settings, or the array of emails to be sent got corrupted, or did not make it over during he move. you could first look for those settings in the old site, and then look for them again in the new site, and if they don’t exist or are radically different, copy them over from the old site. use phpmyadmin to do this. I believe the option values would begin with ass_ ( I know the worst prefix possible! i even forget what it stood for originally 😉

    Boone was able to resolve it. I am not sure of the specifics, but he said he is going to update the plugin to accommodate it. Thanks for the support! Amazing free plugin.

    Plugin Author Dwenaus


    Thank YOU for all the kind words and the donation 🙂

    I also have this problem, any idea when that update will be posted with Boone’s fix?

    I am seeing problems again. And the strange thing is at least one user never started working again with daily digest even after this fix. I am at the point where people have said they are going to leave the site so I am not sure what to do. I can completely reproduce it. I also just used my test accounts and group with all set to Daily Digest and the queue is completely empty.

    Any thoughts?

    Is there any value in starting from scratch – blowing away the plugin and the database and doing it as a new install then asking users to setup again? If I thought that would have a long term fix then I would do it.

    Thanks, David

    Plugin Author Dwenaus


    boone, any thoughts? email me directly at and I can try to trouble shoot directly on the server.

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