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  • Same for me too….exactly the same

    I installed and found all of the available options both on the front end and backend of the site but never received the email that I subscribed to within the Group forums. Also, the option of adding the ?sum=1 to the end of my sites url did absolutely nothing.

    Plugin activated but is not working. The options aren’t visible.
    Wordpress 3.3.1 and Buddypress 1.5.4

    WordPress 3.3.1
    Buddypress 1.5.4

    Group Email Subscription Settings are visible.

    No updates are visible at url plus ?sum=1

    No scheduled emails are being sent.

    In new plugin version (3.1) same problem.

    I suggest that people vote that this plugin is BROKEN ( until this issue is resolved.

    Plugin Author Boone Gorges


    I’m sorry that people are having issues with the plugin, but it sounds like few of you are actually having the *same* issue.

    @tillish @foxyhimself The plugin only works if you have BuddyPress installed AND you have the Groups and Activity components enabled (Dashboard > BuddyPress > Components). If you do not have these components enabled, the plugin will do nothing.

    @ilcroceverdino It’s not clear what you mean by “options”. If you mean the same thing as tillish and Foxyhimself, please see my answer to them above.

    @jcontois Is email working on your BuddyPress installation more generally? Have you verified that emails are not being sent for *all* of the subscription levels (All Email, Daily Digest, etc)? And when you say that adding ?sum=1 to the end “did absolutely nothing”, can you please give more details? Does that mean that your site crashes and you get a white screen? Or does it mean that you see exactly the same BuddyPress page as when you don’t add the extra bit to the URL? Or does it mean that you see the Digest summary, but there are no emails queued up? (Keep in mind that you have to be logged in as a Super Admin for the sum=1 trick to do anything.

    @crispinr I’m sorry that you’re having issues, but keep in mind that this plugin is developed for free by volunteer developers, and that as a result it may not always be possible for one of us can jump into the forums within a day of your posting a problem. In any case: Are *immediate* emails being sent successfully by the plugin? That is, if you subscribe to “All Email”, are email notifications sent correctly? Is your WordPress/BuddyPress installation successfully sending other emails, like password resets? When you say “no updates are visible at url…” do you mean that you see the summary, but there are no activity items queued up? Can you verify that scheduling is working more generally on your WordPress installation, by testing to see whether scheduled WP posts are working correctly?

    Yes, email and messaging is working fine on my site. I see all of the menu options for your plugin on each of the Groups.The only subscription levels I have tested are weekly, and daily both of which do not work.
    I tried adding the ?sum=1 to the end while I was logged in and the only thing it did was show the same page I was already logged into as the administrator of the site.

    Hi – Thanks for the info but I do not get a “Component” option

    I get “Deactivate | Edit” thats it

    I’ve looked in settings in fact everywhere it might be but zilch, so I’m a bit confused.

    Plugin Author Boone Gorges


    jcontois – Please test the settings aside from the digests. This is crucial to telling whether the problem is with the digests, or with the plugin’s ability to email more generally. The fact that sum=1 is showing nothing is making me think that the plugin is not fully activated for some reason. Can you give more details about your setup? WP/BP/BPGES versions, other plugins that may be relevant.

    Foxyhimself – You are looking in the wrong place. If you are running Multisite, go to the Network Admin; otherwise go to the Dashboard. Look for the BuddyPress top-level menu, and choose the Components subtab. You should see a bunch of checkboxes for enabling/disabling components. Make sure Groups and Activity are enabled.


    Thank you for your kind responsive reply

    I am in Dashboard

    I do not have a BuddyPress menu!

    Normally this would be under Settings along with other Plugins and their submenus but it is not!


    Sorry for the trouble

    Many thanks

    Plugin Author Boone Gorges


    Foxyhimself – If you’re using BuddyPress 1.5.x, the BuddyPress menu is *not* located under the Settings menu, but in its own top-level menu. If you are running WordPress Multisite, try visiting /wp-admin/network/admin.php?page=bp-general-settings. Otherwise, try visiting /wp-admin/admin.php?page=bp-general-settings. If neither of these work, it is possible that BuddyPress has not actually been activated on your network, or that you are not logged in as the Administrator (or Super Admin, on Multisite).

    I have fixed it.

    I reinstalled WP 3.3.1, still no panel!

    I deleted BuddyPress and then reinstalled.

    Up pops the panel with sub menus

    I am seeing the same problem mentioned where after install there is no change made in the WordPress BackEnd

    See screenshot here:

    I am using WP version 3.3.2 and the latest version of BuddyPress

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