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    Hi Erwin. bp-events 1.1 in WPMU 2.8.6 and BP 1.1.3 worked very well at all levels from event creation to widget presentation.

    WPMU and BP upgrade to latest trunks renders white screen in frontend and backend when bp-events is activated. Deleted bp-events from plugins folder to get back frontend and backend working.

    Per Andy P in forum, white screen caused by his removal of all deprecated code from BuddyPress in recent trunk versions. He also mentioned that he will be supplying “a backwards compatibility plugin” to support old code.

    Will be waiting for that plugin and/or your upgrade of bp-events.

    Thank you.

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  • Hi there,

    I’ve been trying to get bp-events to install on a fresh clean installation of WP_mu and Buddypress without any success and I am really surprised about the lack of a group-based calendar function as a core feature in Buddypress.

    I can’t afford the $80/month fee for the WPMU calendar, and also there’s no option to evaluate it before I buy. Are these really the only two options for letting groups announce and organise events?

    Any thoughts gratefully received!




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    nickpoole1 – BuddyPress core is undergoing changes between towards a stable BP 1.2 version. In this regard, many BuddyPress plugin developers have moved on to making plugins compatibile with BP 1.2 code than previous BP versions. If you read the thread, the trend is using BP 1.2 bp-default theme rather with the bp-classic/bp-sn-parent theme.

    Do you plan to finalize the plugin for compatibility with BP 1.2.x? It is desired plugin, in social networks, rare ..
    If you need some help .. ready to provide:)

    Ported plugin for BP, in general, remained functional (removed temporarily, bind to the groups and some other trifles)
    if someone does not go to BP 1.2.x because BP Events, I share:)

    @milordk, Is there anyway I could get a copy of your port?

    For some reason it says the archive has been damaged. Any other links?

    updated the link to download

    I was able to download the link and upload it, I also commented lines 22-24 tried to activate it and wordpress told me there was a fatal error.

    I am running BP and WPMU 2.9.2

    I appreciate all the work you have done.

    Thank You.

    problem is solved with the activation of commenting on these lines, after the activation of all works. Planned to solve this problem in the near future:)
    As I understood – you do not solve the problem with Fatal Error?

    Correct, I was not able to activate the plugin I will try the new one to see if it works.

    Thanks, Chris

    Hi, chrislabeard,

    Updated description of the plugin and activate, respectively, once again checked – it works!

    BP Events для BuddyPress 1.2.x



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    @milordk – thank you for taking the initiative. I will be checking it out.



    I am running BP and WPMU 2.9.2 on a local machine

    I have installed BP_events wich i upload on the link above.
    I have succefully installed the plugin like you describe it in the link you give to us.

    When i am going on the site and try to click on all the links below
    >My events
    >Create an events
    My configuration redirect me every time on the home page of the site an not to the events tab.

    Have you any ideas about what’s happen ?

    Thank you,


    I made a mistake :
    I am running BP and WP 2.9.2 on a local machine

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