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  • Plugin broken under PHP 5.3.5 on WordPress 3.2 and 3.2.1

    Under PHP 5.3.5 my home page loop reports 404, blog won’t show and dashboard “All Posts” to show Auto Saves and what I’m guessing are post revisions… Disabling the plug returns everything to normal.

    I discovered this only because the site I just installed this on last week was kicked off it’s shared server for excessive resource usage. I copied the site to my local environment which is PHP 5.3.x. I don’t know definitively that this plugin was to blame for the excessive resource usage, but it’s a reasonable place to start.

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  • I can confirm this: have PHP 5.3.3 and activating this plugin made my site completely unresponsive. After deactivating the plugin I even had to flush the memcache to make the site come back up.

    Realize this thread is 6 months old but host just upgraded to PHP 5.3 and this plugin caused major headaches on a site. Had to completely remove to get it to come back. Once removed site behaved as expected except for hidden categories are now visible.

    Anyone have an idea how to fix it? Client would like that feature back.

    Rather then use the plugin just remove the categories from the query yourself. There is a
    Good example in the codex.

    That works for me, who can code and knows PHP etc, but not for my clients that just edit their sites and occasionally add new categories etc. It is not a very user friendly solution for them and they don’t want to pay me all the time to do it for them.

    That’s why your client hired you 🙂

    Either debug ACE (that’s the beauty of Open Source, you can fix it yourself), or write a custom plugin for your client. Personally I found it easier to just custom code a category exclusion option into my clients theme then mess with debugging a 2 year old plugin with lots of features I didn’t actually need. YMMV.

    In a perfect world I could take the time to debug and write custom code for every client, but this is not a perfect world. Of course then I would not be using WordPress for clients sites to begin with because I would create my own. 🙂

    So for those interested we went with the Ultimate Category Excluder plugin.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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