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  • I’m trying to find the best configuration for this awesome plugin and am not sure of what a couple of setting do.
    Sorry if I use the wrong names, but I have the Italian version.
    In the Advanced tab of the configuration, there are two checkboxes about link monitoring. The second one enables background operation every hour.
    I don’t understand how this one combines with the link check on the General tab.
    If I set any link check frequency on the General tab, I suppose that they wille be checked with that frequency. Why should an hourly link check be needed?

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  • The two check boxes in the “Advanced” tab determine when the plugin will look for links that haven’t been checked recently and check them. If you untick both checkboxes, it will never check any links, regardless of other settings.

    The “check each link every X hours” setting determines how long ago the last check needs to be for the plugin to try to check that link again.

    Does that help?

    Yes, thank you.
    So the settings combine in this way:
    at the frequency specified in the first tab, a new check is scheduled;
    depending on what you specified in the Advanced tab those links are check either when you are logged in or once every hour.

    New links check instead is affected only by the advenced settings.
    Is it right?

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