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  • Installed BLC yesterday and really like it so far. I have 3,000 posts and 6,000 comments. BLC found about 500 broken links in comments alone. 8 year old blog, bound to happen.

    I am moving web hosts this week. What happens if/when I remove the plugin or turn it on at the new host? Will the broken links re-appear? By that I mean, does BLC edit the posts table and remove the link permanently or does it apply CSS styling or CSS to hide the link via the plugin. I am hoping it is a one-time deal so I can run BLC, make edits, then deactivate it if I have to. Also, I don’t want to run BLC on old host and then have to do it again on new host.

    Feature request: Many of my broken links in posts point to Yahoo News articles. Probably a few hundred of those are broken. I wish there was a way to have BLC search Yahoo for the correct link and update the link in the posts table. this is a huge problem with older content, too bad links are not self-aware.

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  • Yes, when you edit or remove links via the plugin’s interface it actually modifies the post/comment in question. The changes are permanent. It doesn’t just hide links via CSS.

    As for your feature request, it’s very similar to a bunch of other requests that have been sitting on my “ideas” list for a long time now. The problem is that automatically finding the right replacement link is far from trivial. Perhaps one day.

    Worked flawlessly yesterday, major props, where do I send the beer?

    Do you mean that the applied CSS shows up for a few days and then the link disappears? Would be great to see a few screenshots of the different options working on a live site for those of us that are visual learners.

    Looking at AskApache Google 404 plugin. You could probably run broken links through goog to at least give a few suggestions.

    Try to mention more prominently that we can click on entries and they will expand to display helpful metadata. I didn’t see that for a long time until I clicked by mistake.

    There’s a donate link on Alternatively, you could get the Pro version 😉

    The CSS for broken links is applied dynamically. By default, it’s a strike-through effect. Once the link is no longer broken – e.g. if the URL has been replaced with a working one – the effect will go away automatically and pretty much instantly.

    On the other hand, when you remove (“unlink”) something via the plugin’s interface, it modifies the post/comment in question and turns the link into plain text. For example, a link named “click here” that goes to “” becomes simply the text “click here”, no longer linked to anything. This is a permanent change.

    If the “Apply custom formatting to removed links” option is enabled, removed links are instead replaced with the HTML <span class="removed_link">link text here</span>. This is also permanent, and lets one apply custom CSS to the “remains” of a removed link.

    Yes, the plugin needse better docs 🙂

    Also, I know I could use Google Search, Google cache, the Internet Archive and so on to generate suggestions (neither is good enough for automatic replacements, though). I’m mainly concerned about how to represent them in the UI without making the plugin’s pages too cluttered.

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