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  • I installed broken-link-checker about a week ago and it’s amazing (thanks for creating it!) but a few times my server went down due to overloads. My server suggested it might be the plug-in and recommended that I set it to manually check for broken links. But I’m not sure where to set it for that.

    Under Advanced, there are two options under Link Monitor: one is to let it run continuously while Dashboard is open and other is to let it run hourly in the background.

    I unchecked both but is there a way to disable all automatically generated link checking and set it to manual? Thanks!

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  • Sorry, there is no manual option. Still, the server load might be lower if you only leave the “run hourly” option checked.

    This worst plugin crashed my server after installation!!!
    It needs more than 524MB Ram!

    I just installed the plugin for the first time. It hung up and did not finish until, on the Advanced tab, I raised the Server load limit which was at 4.00 minutes and the note to the right indicated it had needed over 9 so I guess that’s why it hung up (there are a lot of documents linked on the site as it is an investors’ dataroom). I purposely put a broken link on the site to check the plugin and it had not found this broken link.

    I raised the server load limit to 14.00 and within about 90 seconds it finished the job and correctly reported the broken link.

    I am new at the plugin but I would think you could set the server load limit very low and then raise it when you want to run the check — I am not saying that is necessary, only suggesting it for those who’ve had server crashing issues. It found the broken link just fine, and I need this plugin to keep track of all those documents so will limit the server load to just past what the plugin says is needed and also increase the time (number of hours — on the General tab) between checks as the site’s content isn’t changed all that often.

    You could also, depending on your needs, limit what the plugin checks on the “Looks for Links In” tab. I just put mine to published posts and pages, as I am not using the blogroll or comments.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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