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  • The plugin stops checking immediately, and on the options page the status reads:

    “No broken links found.
    No URLs in the work queue.
    No links detected.”

    The only other anomaly is in the debugging status, it says “You have an old version of CURL. Redirect detection may not work properly.”

    I have a custom theme based on Kubrick that doesn’t use widgets. I just upgraded to WordPress 3.0, before I did the plugin would display a php error page with “delete() on a non-object” error” and show the same “No links detected” status in the options page.

    Any ideas?

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  • I’ve gotten a similar bug report from another user, but so far I haven’t been able to figure out what causes this problem (I’m pretty sure it’s not theme or CURL-related, though).

    My guess would be that either the plugin has mistakenly decided that it has already found all links when it has found none yet (there’s an internal flag for that), or there’s a bug in the database cleanup code that makes it flag all links as invalid and delete their records (don’t worry, this doesn’t affect your posts – just the plugin’s internal records).

    If you could install the development version and report back what the three last entries in the debugging status table say, it would be very helpful.

    Seems to have worked, though it caused my site to time out for a few minutes…

    Before it finished its work, here’s what the last three entries said:

    Synch. records 710
    Unparsed items 710
    Link records 0 (0)

    And here’s what they say now:

    Resynch. flag 0
    Synch. records 710
    Link records 1085 (1221)

    Thanks very much!

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