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  • Agreed! Please fix <3



    Alright, had to recover my password to post here but I found out what the issue is, at least for me, it seems wordpress must have modified the return value on one of their functions. Anyway I solved the issue by simply commenting out the following section of code in the plugins .php file:

    `} else if ( $useenclosures == ‘yes’ && $enclosure = $item->get_enclosure() ) {

    $enclosure = $item->get_enclosures();

    echo ‘<img src=”‘.$enclosure[0]->get_link().'”‘;

    echo ‘ alt=”‘.$item->get_title().'”/>’;



    Beautiful – thanks a lot!!



    This wasn’t even the plugin I was having problems with, but I followed this for the Pinterest RSS Widget plugin and it fixed my problem. Thanks a bunch!!

    Anyone getting sudden errors? Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t…

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Error::get_item_quantity() in /blablabla/wp-content/plugins/image-feed-widget/image-feed-widget.php on line 42

    I should mention that I REMOVED the code you guys mentioned, because I don’t know how to “comment out”, if anyone could be a BIT more specifc, I’d appreciate it. 😛


    EDIT: Nevermind, I just noticed the feed is currently offline. I do get a few erros now and then, different from this one I believe.

    Thanks for this fix, it worked on 3.5.1 and the latest plugin version.

    I hope the plugin author will update soon, this is really handy plugin 🙂

    @lytroo and anyone else unsure how to comment the code out, basically just add // in front of the lines mentioned above, like this:

    //} else if ( $useenclosures == 'yes' && $enclosure = $item->get_enclosure() ) {
                                    //$enclosure = $item->get_enclosures();
    	                        //echo '<img src="'.$enclosure[0]->get_link().'"';
                                    //echo ' alt="'.$item->get_title().'"/>';

    I’m not sure the author is going to update this, no posts for over 480 days:

    I’m using this plugin on 4 or 5 sites so I have manually changed the files but I wonder what can be done if the plugin author doesn’t come back to update? Can someone else be given permission to update it? It’s a really useful plugin and this small bug is so easily fixed, it seems a shame if it’s just left as is.

    edited to add: This post can be ignored. The images are appearing now. They didn’t for a while but I think perhaps it was a feed problem, not a plugin problem.

    Ooh I just noticed – the problem has come back now that I’ve updated to 3.5.1, even with that bit of code commented out.

    Any suggestions?

    This has been incredibly frustrating I was really hoping this plugin would solve my problem of trying to display images from twitter. I tried EP Hashimage but it’s only working for historical images, not recently posted ones.

    I really hope the developer considers coming back and making this work.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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