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  • So i recently stumbled into the world of blogging, and am having quite the time with it.

    I installed the flickr plugin today, and it works fine. However, the page i have designated to use with the flicker plugin does not display the sidebar my theme has like the other pages on my domain.

    that’s the site. “Blog” and “The Lowdown” look fine, but if you click on “photography” you will notice that the sidebar is not there at all, making navigation a pain.

    any help, comments, or suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank you!

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  • well i deleted the pages that were messing up, and i have yet to find a fix for this.

    i’ve heard of some people having the same problem and fixing it, but no details on how to do so…


    look in your sidebar.php.

    some features are turned off for pages, only showing at the front page.

    is_home(); || is_page(); || is_single(); should be on all sidebar elements to show on all pages. (code from my memory :p)

    hope this helps.

    hey again

    i greatly appreciate the response

    i searched the sidebar.php file, and it does not contain that coding.

    however, i am unsure of where exactly to enter it, and what all needs to be done with that. i am hardly a php whiz.

    if anyone cares to help i would love that.

    heck, i’m pretty much to the point of offering a paypal donation to whoever can assist me in this!

    ^^ give us the code from your sidebar.php

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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